Guard Patrol System - Beijing Comprehensive Mail Center

Location:Beijing Comprehensive Mail Center

Project Necessity

  • 1. Security management is the most important part of property management for residential, non-residential and public properties.
  • 2. If the checkpoint is set too low, it is easy to be destroyed when the children in the community play.
  • 3. The paper version of the tour more check-in and record information to save the inconvenience, easy to cheat, and cost time.
  • 4. Security guards tend to have blind spots when they patrol the neighborhood at night.


Beijing mail comprehensive processing center covers an area of more than 130000 square meters. It is the largest mail processing center in China and the first large-scale use of push and hang system.

Project Introduction

Eight security patrol devicesand 157 check point tags are used for safety inspection of water pumps, boilers, air conditioners and other equipment.

Solve Problems

  • 1.Standardize the staff patrol time, strengthen the patrol guard management, avoid the process of missing patrol or not patrol the problem to solve the security hidden trouble.
  • 2.Improve the standardization of postal inspection and scientific management level to prevent the delivery personnel can not be scientific and accurate assessment management phenomenon.
  • 3.Effectively ensure the orderly work flow of the enterprise, the delivery staff management work to the actual place.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4s