Guard Patrol-China Film Co., LTD

Location: China Film Co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. Security guards patrol is not timely, and there is no scientific assessment voucher.
2. The fire control facilities are not patrolling in time, resulting in great fire safety risks.
3. The patrol data is huge, and it is difficult to analyze and assess.


JWM Guard Tour is a leading enterprise in the field of tour patrol in China and a leading manufacturer of tour patrol products in the world. China Film co., LTD. Adopts the gold 10,000 yards patrol system to guarantee its security. The management personnel only need to place the key locations that need to be patrolled, as well as the storage locations of all safety passageways and fire-fighting facilities, etc., and input the locations of the checkpoints into the guard tour system, formulate the patrol time and cycle, and arrange the security guards to set up the patrol plan. Security guards only need to hold the better tour, tour according to the more planned, encounter hidden trouble can be dealt with in a timely manner. After the end of the tour will tour better link data line upload to the tour management system, convenient for management personnel to view.

Project Introduction

China Film Co., LTD. Is the main sponsor of the establishment of China Film Co., LTD. On May 11, 2017, China Film Co., Ltd. was selected into the 9th national “top 30 cultural enterprises”. The main business scope includes film production, film distribution, television production, theater management, post-production of programs, acting agents, advertising management, etc. In order to make the company’s personnel safer, we decided to introduce the JWM Guard Tour System and take protective measures.

Solve Problems

1. Even if there is no on-site supervision of the patrol, the management personnel can check the patrol status of the security guards through the intelligent patrol system.
2. Ensure that fire fighting facilities and safe access are available at all times, even in the face of danger;
3. Easy to arrange patrol data and facilitate shift scheduling.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S