Guard Monitoring System-Baotou Mental Health Center

Location:Baotou Mental Health Center

Project Necessity

The mental condition of mental patients can not be guaranteed, sometimes good and sometimes bad, easy to harm themselves and others.
In addition, the phenomenon of frequent medical staff negligence, the patient once an emergency, the consequences are unimaginable.


The psychiatric hospital is a special hospital, no matter from the address, the service object, management mode, medical care, as well as the social status and so on many aspects, show its different from a general hospital or other characteristics of specialized subject hospital. Medical device, drug treatment is not an important means, and psychiatric ward management is a central part of the mental disorders,  also is the key to the nursing work.

Project Introduction

In order to strengthen the nursing management, and standardize and implement the system of medical staff rounds. Baotou mental health center, through the introduction of the JWM guard patrol system, realized the quantitative assessment of the patrol work of medical staff. Patient rounds as required can be found in time the patient’s symptoms, reduce the harm to themselves and other patients, and ensure the timely treatment and safety of patients.

Solve Problems

1. Ensure the nursing staff to carry out round-the-clock fixed-point and positioning inspection on the whole hospital every day;
2. Timely check the intact condition of the doors and windows of the ward and the gate of the ward, and timely report for the repair of the damaged parts to prevent patients from escaping or getting injured;
3. Enhanced management, improved the enthusiasm of medical staff, reduced missing and forgetting rounds, and ensured the quality of rounds;

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4s