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Project Necessity

A chemical materials warehouse in Haikou caught fire and was put out to evacuate more than 200 villagers. At around 8:30 am on June 21, a chemical raw material warehouse in da chang village, Lingshan town, Haikou city caught fire. By noon on the 21st, the fire has been put out, no one is trapped, the surrounding villages have been evacuated. The occurrence of the warehouse accident is caused by various reasons, which can be summed up as the result of two major factors: the unsafe behavior of people and the unsafe state of goods.


In order to standardize the management of the storekeeper of civil explosive products, the company introduced the JWM guard patrol management system, requiring the storekeeper to work 7*24 hours according to the requirements, strictly abide by the transition system, not allowed to leave the post, leave the post, sleep post. In this way, the storekeeper can ensure the regular patrol and maintenance of the fire-fighting equipment, communication equipment and alarm device in the storehouse, and report the problems found in the patrol to correct in time, so as to ensure that all the equipment is in good condition.

Project Introduction

Guangxi Jinjianhua civil blasting equipment co., LTD. It is a company established in December 2006, which is led by the Guangxi Jianhua machinery factory and united with a chemical plant of Nanxing antimony industry company of Nandan county of Hechi city and chemical plant of Yulin city. The company has three production areas. According to the three production areas to set up a patrol plan to establish the post responsibility system, the implementation of the 24-hour shift system, not only improve the enterprise’s actual hidden trouble detection and management system but also improve the keeper’s awareness of prevention, to ensure the safety of the factory.

Solve Problems

1. Realized the unified management and quantitative assessment of the warehouse keeper, avoided the time waste and data fraud caused by manual data sorting, and improved the safety responsibility consciousness of the warehouse keeper.
2. Ensure that the warehouse keeper makes “three rounds a day” to the dangerous goods warehouse according to the patrol system, that is patrol after work, during the shift, and before work.
3. Adhere to the daily patrol system, which can timely find the loss or theft of civil explosive equipment, and then report to the company’s leaders and public security organs for the first time, protect the scene and make relevant records.
4. Patrol according to the requirements to check whether the dangerous goods stack is firm, check whether the package is leaking, and check whether the power supply and the temperature in the warehouse are hidden dangers.

Product Introduction

New Design Touch Guard Patrol System