Guard Tour System -Guangxi Construction Bank

Location:Guangxi Construction Bank

Project Necessity

In order to facilitate the lives of the citizens, domestic banks are generally deployed in line-type self-service banks in their business outlets. At the same time, a large number of self-service banks are gradually deployed to the bustling streets, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, residential quarters and government units of the city. The public provides 24-hour financial services. However, due to the 24-hour service of the bank’s self-service outlets, freedom of entry and exit, and weak civil air defense, it has become the target of criminal attacks. The number of cases involving “swallow card” fraud, false notice fraud, clone card, robbery, violent theft and other self-service outlets has increased significantly, and the security protection of self-service outlets has become more and more important.

Project Introduction

The China Construction Bank Liuzhou Branch strengthened the centralized management of patrol personnel through the use of the JWM patrol management system, which can improve the efficiency of patrols, and locate GPS locations through 51 self-service bank outlets in Liuzhou, and set up patrols including Fragmentation patrols, on-site emergency, and set up patrol plans, and then 24 hours of uninterrupted patrols at various outlets to ensure the safety of self-service banking outlets.

Solve Problems

1. The guard tour management center can monitor the patrol situation in real time through the GPS trajectory, perform unified management on the patrol time control according to the situation, rationally deploy the patrol power, clarify the patrol location, arrange the route and time, and make the time control continuously.
2. Patrol in place can ensure that patrols are carried out at self-service outlets on time, and system management and maintenance such as monitoring, alarming, intercom, access control, lighting, fire protection, etc., including security information storage and handling alarms, etc., are strengthened.
3. One-button alarm function, when the patrol personnel finds an emergency situation during the patrol process, the one-button alarm function can be pressed, and the patrol management center can immediately receive the information and immediately confirm the position of the patrol personnel, and can immediately respond accordingly.
4. Through the background software to analyze and process the patrol information, provide useful information for the patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve the problem in the bud, prevent problems before they happen.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+