Guangdong PISEN Electronic Production Line Guard Tour System Application

Location: Guangdong PISEN Electronics Co., LTD

Project Necessity

For the realization of the “safe production, prevention first, comprehensive management” work principle, specification patrol management system, strengthen the factory patrols, completes the fire alarm, and the management of security guards patrol situation, Guangzhou PISEN by using JWM guard tour system management, make the security guards patrol management system in accordance with provisions on in the surrounding area of the factory and factory designated patrol regularly, in order to find hidden trouble and solve in time, this way of patrol can greatly enhance the security of the factory, the security personnel to patrol work for effective supervision and management.


Guangdong PISEN Electronics Co., LTD is a focus on smart mobile peripheral devices of O2O Internet enterprise, founded in 2003, more than ten years has been committed to the mobile power supply, digital 3 c accessories, cloud routing, intelligent hardware products such as research and development, manufacture and marketing, relying on thousands of stores all over the country, and makes the online combining the O2O shopping platform – PISEN, arrive the same day. And the JWM guard tour patrol system for PISEN company to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in the factory.

Project Introduction

Guangdong PISEN Electronics Co., LTD introduction of JWM guard tour management system, through electronic patrol centralized management personnel can guarantee can dutiful patrol, set in a reasonable period of time, on time, on line patrol all areas of factory, make sure work closely and effectively in the case of emergency response as soon as possible, but also to ensure the safety of the patrol. As an important part of the security protection technology system, the JWM electronic guard patrol system can scientifically and effectively realize the high-tech system of supervising and managing patrol personnel to patrol according to the specified route and place within the specified time. Through the combination of “three prevention” can improve the patrol personnel’s sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, timely eliminate hidden dangers, nip in the bud.

Solve Problems

1. Through background guard patrol software management system, managers develop patrol plans, define patrol routes, security personnel and other functions, realize unified personnel management for the safety of the factory and surrounding areas, and greatly improve the efficiency of patrol.
2. Through unified management of data, reduce time waste caused by manual data sorting and eliminate data fraud.
3. Solve the problem of unclear prompts of traditional patrol status through voice broadcast.
4. Realize active fingerprint collection through semiconductor fingerprint identification technology, solve the problem of making fingerprint cover tour, and be responsible for human results.
5. Analyze the patrol information through the patrol system, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, and solve problems in the bud and nip them in the bud.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000X1