Guangdong Liwang new energy co.,LTD Guard Monitoring

Location: Guangdong Liwang new energy co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. Unscientific way to confirm patrol in place, easy to damage check-in tools, need to be replaced regularly, easy to be modified, no electronic management, high cost, and complicated operation process.
2. Rely too much on the responsibility of security guards, carry out work arbitrarily, difficult to supervise and evaluate performance, and prone to fraud.
3. The quality of security guards are different, and the patrol process of lazy, miss patrol, a wrong patrol from time to time.

Project Introduction

For the realization of the “safe production, prevention first, comprehensive management” work principle, specification patrol management system, strengthen the factory patrols, completes the fire alarm and the management of security guards patrol the situation, Guangdong Liwang new energy co. LTD through the use of JWM guard tour system management, make the security guards in accordance with provisions on in the surrounding area of the factory and factory designated patrol regularly, the management center has installed checkpoints in the research and development center, conference room, discharge test room, chemical analysis room, performance test room, instrument analysis room and important positions around the plant,in order to find hidden trouble and solve in time, this way of inspections can greatly enhance the security of the factory, the security personnel to patrol work for effective supervision and management.

Solve Problems

1. The patrol more system USES induction card technology, no contact, good protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed. No need for full-time maintenance, reduce the use cost;
2. Management personnel through the background patrol more software management, make patrol more plan, define patrol more route and security personnel and other functions. The uniform management of personnel in and around the factory has been realized, which greatly improves the patrol efficiency. Through unified management of data, reduce the waste of time caused by manual data sorting and eliminate data fraud;
3. Improve patrol quality and inspection of equipment to ensure that patrol is serious and in place, and solve problems in time to reduce potential safety hazards;
4. Analyze the patrol information through the patrol system, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve the problems in the bud, and prevent them from happening.

Product Introduction