GPS Guard Tour System in Jining Police of China

Application Equipment: WM-5000P5+
Equipment Quantity: 500 sets
Use Company: Jining Police of China
Project Name: WM-5000P5+ GPS Guard Tour System


The development of society needs security as a guarantee. And it is important for police to create a stable and harmonious social environment. In order to ensure the people’s security and property safety, Jining Police use JWM guard tour system strengthen the management and perfect the schedule. By use JWM guard tour system, Jining Police reach the goal of recording the police’s route in time. In this way, it could achieve effective management for police.

Application Situation

1. Police are patrol by GPS guard tour device in the patrol area. The device will obtain satellite longitude, latitude and time information automatically. The data is sent to the management center by GPRS.
2. The supervisor is monitoring the police patrol and specific position in time by electronic map. Through the pre-set patrol plan, we could get a reliable analysis of the results. And the guard tour system software also provides a scientific and accurate assessment basis for police’s work.

Solve Problems

1. Patrol Guard Setup: It achieves the management of control center for patrol police. And the system setup the patrol plan, the police patrol follow the plan. Therefore, the supervisor checks the police’s patrol and omission situation in the patrol report.
2. The police use the alarm function of the patrol device when facing emergencies. And the monitoring station will receive the alarm information right now. The charger could contact the related people in time.

Project Introduction

Jining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, directly under the four service brigade (one, two, three, four service brigade), the internal set of 21 departments, (office, political work Branch of the Special Branch, Inspection Brigade, Brigade of the accident, the facilities brigade, high-speed brigade on the East, the Beijing-Fuzhou high-speed brigade, the Che Kwun, the Ministry of Science and Technology Branch, Vehicle Branch, Vehicle Division, Examination Section). Since 2003, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment award first-class detachment for 3 consecutive years.