General Guard Tour FAQ

A guard tour system is a system used to help companies and organizations to organize, log and execute guard tours and patrols in their assets ensuring that the officers will accomplish their tasks within the predefined time intervals. Guard tour systems provide a means to check and record the time that a guard executes his guard tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned on the area he patrols.

Postal, airport, railway, oilfield, and real estate property, Banks, museum, hydraulic industry, electricity, gas, gas monitoring, etc.

Guard Tour Reader, Checkpoint Tags, Guard Tour Software

  • Install checkpoints
  • Add checkpoints and guard tags, setup patrol plan
  • The guard starts to patrol, read checkpoints with the reader and upload data to software
  • Managers inquiry guard patrol data
Standalone version, Cloud Software, Web-based software

There are many kinds of the device for your choosing. With fingerprint, with Bluetooth card, real-time online, with voice prompt, mobile APP and so on. Click here

Of course. Our mission is to keep safe, include data safe.

It is very easy to install. Meanwhile, professional after-sales team will help you about this if any question.

Yes, you could try our app and cloud software for free.

We have many agencies around the world, please contact us to check if there are agency in your region or not.

No. Our device and software have many different versions. The Chinese version could not be used in other countries.

No. We have many kinds of tags. You could choose tags which be suitable for yourself.

Yes. Wepatrol is an APP for patrolling.

Yes. We have both manual and guide video for every device.

Yes. You need to put every tag at a fixed location, and then guards could read them when patrolling.