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Project Necessity

1. Pipeline patrol is an important way to ensure the safety of pipeline lines.However, the traditional patrol work is usually faced with many practical problems, such as the in patrol route is too long and the scope is large, which leads to the failure of patrol; patrol personnel manual recording cost is high, not easy to keep and data statistics; failure to unify operating standards; unable to report information in time when encountering practical problems.
2. The JWM guard tour patrol system not only standardizes the patrol process of Anyang — Luoyang natural gas pipeline, but also strengthens the supervision of the patrol work through GPS positioning.Through setting up patrol personnel, time, task and patrol plan in the background guard tour system software, the work of patrol personnel is quantitatively assessed.Put an end to the phenomenon of patrol personnel not in place, also ensure the smooth pipeline transport.


Henan Zongheng Gas Pipeline Co., LTD is a subsidiary company of Henan Wanzhong Group Co., LTD. It is a joint-stock company mainly engaged in natural gas pipeline and urban gas. Anyang — Luoyang natural gas pipeline is an important branch line of sinopec natural gas pipeline project, the total length of the pipeline is 333 kilometers, a total of 6 stations.The implementation of the project will provide another stable and reliable pipeline natural gas source for Henan province, providing strong energy support for the economic restructuring and accelerating the urbanization process of Henan province.JWM guard tour patrol system for Henan Zongheng Gas Pipeline Co., LTD to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of patrol personnel and Pipeline.

Project Introduction

A total of six distribution stations are set along the pipeline, and longitude and latitude checkpoints are set along the pipeline according to the actual situation. Each sub-distribution station is responsible for the patrol of a section of the pipeline.Patrol (branch internal personnel with local villagers), arrange the villagers once every two days patrol, handhold GPS guard tour system reader, personnel patrol once a week, arrived at the designated place, guard tour system reader &vibra itinerant detective data is recorded, and through the GPRS network real time back to the head office in the server automatically, managers can real-time patrol information, statistics functions are available at any time, line attendant attendance.

Solve Problems

1. Pipeline line guard tour patrol management system, through the management terminal located in the management center, completes the installation of pipeline checkpoints, patrol sections and patrol lines, as well as the deployment of patrol tasks for guards.
2. Realize remote patrol of patrol personnel and patrol route by the management center, assess the work of patrol personnel, achieve the purpose of centralized management, and effectively reduce the problem of missed patrol caused by human factors.
3. The patrol personnel handhold reader has the function of collecting the patrol data, transmitting it in real time and uploading it to the management center, so as to completely get rid of the drawbacks of the delay in the transmission of patrol information and the management personnel’s inability to monitor the patrol process.
4. The data is uploaded to the management center and the work report of pipeline event is formed to realize the electronization and informatization of work and realize the automatic alarm function of fault information and emergency information.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+