Fudan University of Shanghai Security Patrol System

Location:Fudan University of Shanghai Security Patrol System

Project Necessity

University is not only the cradle of cultivating talents but also a part of the society. It has various connections with society all the time. Due to the large campus area, scattered site, a large number of students, the campus surrounding environment is complex and other characteristics, there will be a series of security risks in college life, so we should pay more attention to campus security, security system requirements are particularly strict.

Project Introduction

The security department of Fudan University in Shanghai is responsible for daily safety and protection on campus, preventing accidents, ensuring personal and property safety, and ensuring students’ safety and health during school. In order to further strengthen the safety, stability and civilization construction of the college, Fudan University has introduced the JWM patrol management system. This system is used for fire patrol inspection in the campus. The safety manager manages and supervises the staff from the background system by arranging checkpoints in the main gate, monitoring blind corner, fire passageway, dormitory building, teaching building, library and other places with potential safety hazards.
Adopting high-tech technology for safety management is an important measure to strengthen campus security and stability, and also an effective way to strengthen staff “self-management, self-education, self-prevention, self-service”, so that they really become safe, civilized, harmonious campus security guards.

Solve Problems

1. Make patrol guard, time, task and patrol plan, conduct a quantitative assessment on the work of security guards, and avoid people leaving their posts;
Security guard can patrol the campus, office buildings, libraries, dormitories, and all monitoring dead spots regularly and regularly through inductive patrol devices, reducing safety accidents caused by potential safety hazards;
2. To ensure the quality of patrol, problems can be understood and discovered in a timely manner, various conflicts can be resolved and handled as soon as possible, so as to avoid escalation and intensification of the situation;
3. Through the analysis and processing of patrol information by background software, useful information is provided for security work, corresponding strategies are made to solve problems in the bud and prevent them from occurring;

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5