Frequently Asked Questions about Guard Tour Systems

Guard tour systems have revolutionized security management. These systems monitor security guards as they move through checkpoints – specific locations on the patrol route are electronically verified by software – so you can optimize your security operations. However, not all guard tour systems are the same. Here are five questions associated with most guard patrol systems on the market.

1. The patrol system lacks transparency

Avoid systems that lack transparency. The old guard system involved manual data collection. Good patrol software collects a range of accurate data about security guards, including when they start and end their shifts and when they conduct patrols. All of this information can be reviewed and verified by logging into the software, giving you a better understanding of your security operations and their effectiveness.

2. The system does not provide real-time information

Some security devices only give you data after the security shift is over. To enhance your security operations, you need real-time data to tell you whether guards have passed specific checkpoints along the patrol route. This way, you can contact security immediately to find out why the route was not checked.

3. The system does not provide real value

The tour system collects and displays the tour data performed during a specific time period. However, not all software provides real value. For example, some programs have limited functionality or lack features to keep your clients and clients safe.
For a more comprehensive patrol solution, you need an application that simplifies security patrol management. Look for software that lets you create incidents and assign tasks to security personnel. The best apps also reduce guard response time: If a guard turns up late at a security checkpoint, the advanced guard patrol tool sends you an automated text message so you can respond to the situation immediately.

4. The system is too complex

Patrol software is designed to simplify security management. However, some tools are too complicated to use. Programs can be difficult to set up or not respond to commands properly; sometimes, patrol routes need to be manually entered each time the app is used. You need a platform that can perform tours without causing too much stress. The software should be easy to use and reduce all manual administrative tasks typically associated with security management, such as filling out paper logs.

5. Responsibility is not clear

Choose for a guard patrol system to track the movements of each of your guards, rather than entire staff groups. This makes it easy to identify employees who perform their duties in the fastest possible time and adhere to your guard tour schedule. Each employee’s data should be centralized in one system so you can monitor each employee’s behavior in one place.
It is important to do your research before choosing a patrol tool. Poor quality products lack transparency, provide no real value, and lack real-time insight into your security operations. Other applications are too complex to use. Choosing the right software can improve the performance of security personnel and make them more accountable.
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