Forest is one of the most important ecosystems on earth, and it is an important resource necessary for maintaining ecological balance and human survival. Forests have important ecological, economic and social values, and forest fire prevention is an important part of ensuring the safety of forest resources. Forest fires not only cause serious damage to the forest itself, but also have an impact on the surrounding land, water resources and other ecosystems. Therefore, preventing forest fires is of great significance for maintaining the balance and stability of the ecosystem.

Guard patrol system can help forest management departments to discover fire hazards in time and take effective prevention and control measures, so as to ensure the safety and sustainable use of forest resources.

Establish forest patrol system

By establishing an patrol system, it is possible to regularly inspect forest fire prevention areas, find fire sources, hidden dangers and other problems in a timely manner, and improve the timeliness and effectiveness of fire prevention work.

The JWM guard patrol system can divide the responsibilities of inspectors into different areas. The inspectors can walk into the depths of the forest to fully understand the situation of forest fire prevention areas, find potential fire sources and hidden dangers, and deal with them in time to prevent fires from happening.


Increased accountability

The reality is that there will always be inspectors trying to cut corners in their work. When this happens, it often leaves a large hole in the forest safety net. Therefore, security patrols need to be recorded.
The JWM guard patrol system provides a record of security personnel’s patrols and inspections, creating accountability for their actions. This helps ensure inspectors are performing their duties as expected and provides valuable evidence in the event of a fire incident.

Improve management efficiency

With the patrol system, inspectors can concentrate on orderly and efficient patrols in designated areas. This helps ensure that all areas are covered regularly and reduces the risk of oversight or human error.

The JWM Patrol System allows inspectors to report incidents to the safety management center in a timely manner in case of incidents such as forest piracy and garbage littering. Ensure that incidents are detected and resolved in a timely manner to avoid potential safety hazards.

Benefit of JWM Guard Patrol System

  • Preset patrol plan
  • Real-time tracking of employee task completion
  • Monitor patrol route
  • Notification of abnormal events
  • SOS guard accident push
  • Comprehensive patrol report
  • Cloud software management system

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JWM is committed to providing security patrol solutions for global users, and creating a safe world is the goal pursued by JWM. Today, more and more enterprises and users around the world enjoy the security protection brought by the JWM guard patrol system.
With the help of JWM Guard Tour System, the prevention and response capabilities of forest fire prevention can be improved, fire hazards can be discovered in time, and the loss of forest resources caused by fire can be avoided.