Forest fire prevention – GPS guard patrol system?

We can control fires caused by human factors, but why do so many fire accidents occur? The reason lies in that Chinese citizens have not high awareness of fire safety, weak legal concept of mass fire protection, and lack of awareness of fire safety; On the other hand, the management and control of forest rangers are not in place, and rigorous and accurate assessment is not available, which leads to forest rangers’ laziness and neglect of duty in daily patrol patrol, and they cannot be effectively screened in case of hidden dangers, and minor hidden dangers eventually lead to major accidents. Therefore, how to prevent fire caused by human factors, regulate the prevention and control behavior, improve the level of safety protection of forest rangers, so as to improve the quality of patrol and control the occurrence of fire, is now a difficult problem faced by regional forestry administrations.

The world’s leading system of satellite positioning technology, GSM global mobile communication technology, GPRS general wireless grouping service, GIS geographic information system and computer network communication and data processing technology, can remote tracking management all in GSM network coverage within the scope of the specific moving targets, and recording the ranger patrol route and time of arrival in the specified location, and uploaded to the monitoring center in real time. Thus, it solves the technical problems that are difficult to arrange the spot and real-time, and realizes the effective management of the state of patrol patrol and the timely handling of on-site emergencies. It has greatly improved the standardization and scientific level of all kinds of patrol patrol work, put an end to the phenomenon that patrol patrol personnel can not be assessed scientifically and accurately and the objects under patrol can be effectively monitored, and effectively ensure the patrol patrol facilities in normal working state. And provide the most effective solution to the emergency.

Online (GPS+ beidou) guard tour system

The reader is made of ABS engineering plastic, which has excellent physical and thermal properties. It is completely waterproof, release and shockproof. With IP67 protection level, it can still work normally when falling freely from a height of 30 meters. Military design, really achieve a solid three – defense online inspector, using two-color injection molding, the overall design is compact, all components and plate fixation without screws, beautiful appearance; (GPS+ beidou) positioning, RFID radio frequency identification combined with GPRS wireless transmission. Adopt the new waterproof and destruction-proof metal contact USB communication (for the first use of inspector, initialization parameters download), 2000mAh battery capacity, powerful function.

Design features

Design: humanization, parameterized, tree structure design. Set up simple and flexible to achieve intelligent operation.
Plan: intelligent scheduling, anyway can be realized scheduling plan, scheduling can be modified.
Query: single condition and multiple conditions combination query, personnel, routes, time, leak, etc., records, be clear at a glance.
Statistics: automatic analysis patrol tour, more fan chart and a variety of the chart shows, more clear and straightforward.
Security: dual password protection, automatic data backup, safe and reliable.
Alarm Information: software received patrol device alarm information, can trigger the sound or alarm prompt.
Electronic Map: patrol data can be directly displayed on the electronic map, different colors represent different patrol situation.
Real-time Data: software receives real-time checking the checking data upload and to report and map display.
Secondary Development: the system software supports secondary development, at the same time, according to the OPC standard can provide the SDK for the customer.