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How to Choose a Good Patrol Device? Ⅱ


The software is the key of the security guard checking process. It will help you to manage and analyze your uploaded data.

1. Driver Free

Without driver mistake, it will make your easier and quicker to use a reader. You have no need to install the driver inconvenient.

2.Diversified Report and Statistics

JWM provided your diversified report and statistics which it can show your guard’s attendance rate and clocking time.
Your Security Guard has attended and worked 19 days.

3.Customized Software

-Designed Specifically: Customized software is designed especially for your company or organization.
-Incorporate features: It can incorporate features from other software
-Flexible: Customized software is flexible in nature.
-Upgradeable: It is upgradeable.
-Standard development tool: Built with industry-standard development tools.

4. 7 Steps Setup

After 7 steps setup, the software will intelligent analysis of your data after you uploaded. But as other company software, it will take many steps to setup which it will waste your several time and make you Irritability.

5.Cloud Software

With cloud software working, you can inquire about your report and history data anytime and anywhere.


1.After-Sale Service

JWM provided you quick setup guide manual and video in advance. And if you still have no idea about setup,we have online instruction for you.

2.Deliver Time

Normally, your product can be delivered from Shenyang that day. And it will arrive at your company within 20 days by DHL, FedEx.


We have a simple but stable package for international transport. You don’t need to worry about device damaged.


6 Years warranty:During 6 Year warranty period, we will replace or repair units without charge, subject to any problem coming from product itself under ordinary usage condition. The 6 Year warranty period begins when the new products are received by customer.

Hoping it will help you to know how to choose a patrol reader. It has many methods for identity. And bad quality may make use of this device only for one week or one month. That is a super pity!

If you want to solve your problems, here are a number of products, and there is definitely one you need!!