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How to Choose a Good Patrol Device?Ⅰ

1.The device quality

(1)The Material Supplier
A good reader has to use the international best material. For example, the Resistance and capacitance must produce by Electronics and the Crystal Oscillator produce by Epson. So, it can make the reader work stable and lasting.

(2)Reading Speed
The Number of coils circle:The more coil circle you have,it will make it reading tags stable and precise.

A good reader gives prompts with LED and vibration prompt which is more directive and visible than only sound prompt. You can get a vibration feeling when you reading tags. And, the beep sound will make the device easier to inflow.
(4)Waterproof Structure
Normally, the reader has no any inner silica gel which it may easily destroy by water and rain. But JWM device has inner silica gel and silicon tank to protect the device from water. You can take it under the rainy day.

JWM reader has 60,000 pieces of data storage and it can exist 2 years data. You don’t need to upload data daily and weekly.


2.The Accessories

(1)The Magnetic USB Cable
The magnetic have better performance on anti-destruction and data transmission (15,000 Pieces/ one minute). You can just keep cable closer, it will be absorbing automatically.

A good charger should come from international famous brand (Pisen). It will help you to solve many security hidden dangers which may lead to reader heat or blast.

If a supplier can do good in a detail, so it must be a good supplier who can be trusted and long-term cooperated.

JWM will continuously provide the security and guard news for you in the future and we will send the season 2 of How to choose a good patrol device in the next week. Thanks for your attention!

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