Faith and Freedom Square Guard Tour System

Location: Faith and Freedom Square

Project Necessity

With the development and progress of society, the safety management requirements of shopping malls are becoming more and more standardized. According to statistics, every year by the mall security dereliction of duty, mind paralysis and other human non-standard behavior caused by the accident rate accounted for more than 80%, so the mall security effective supervision and management, is undoubtedly to eliminate a variety of security hidden dangers of effective measures.


In order to ensure safety, Faith and Freedom Square introduced the JWM guard tour management system, management center personnel combined with their own regional characteristics, make patrol route, installation patrol point. security guards in accordance with the patrol plan to check each floor and shopping malls crowded places, to ensure the personal safety and property safety of customers and residents, and set up a good security management image of Faith and Freedom Square.

Project Introduction

Faith and Freedom Square is managed by the Faith and Freedom property group. The dynamic of Houhai, the amorous feelings of Shekou, the quiet of Danan mountain, and the prosperity of the Nanshan central district create a large and noble living community of about 150,000 square meters.

Solve Problems

1. Develop a patrol plan for the square, evaluate the work of the security guards, and prevent people from leaving the post.
2. Define the patrol task, implement the responsibility to the individual, mobilize the enthusiasm of the security guards in the square, and the security patrols regularly at crowded places and various monitoring dead spots to eliminate hidden dangers.
3. For special places, patrol needs to be strengthened, and security guards’ attendance can be assessed through card reading times to avoid disasters.
4. Through the JWM background software to process patrol information, provide useful information for the work of the patrol staff in the square, formulate strategies, and prevent problems before they occur.
5. Patrol equipment comes with flashlight function, security guards do not need to wear additional flashlights during night patrol, work is more convenient.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S