Vanmalock, its appearance is similar to mechanical lock, but with a standard smart lock cylinder embedded in it, which is an intelligent access control system. Not only high security but also a greater degree of flexibility. Makes it possible to easily manage access permissions.


Advantages Compared to Mechanical Locks

Unique key

Bundles of keys. And you have to have a key for each user and lock.

Unique key. It contains all the permissions for which they are authorized (the locks you are allowed to unlock and in which time expiration).

The Key Unable to Copy

Easy to copy. In case of loss of the key, lock replacement.

Unable to copy. In case of loss of the key, the permission is canceled.

Record Unlock Information

Lack of unlocking information.

Record unlock information. You can get all the unlock tracking records (where, and when which user or worker access the lock).

Advantages of Vanmalock


With traditional mechanical keys, there is an inevitable lack of control by not being able to know who can have copies of the keys. With Vanmalock access control, once expiration or key loss, access permissions are eliminated.


No more bundles of keys. With mechanical lock, we have to have a key for each user and lock. With Vanmalock, each user will have a unique smart key that contains all the permissions for which they are authorized.


Thanks to the Vanmalock access control, the security of the company will be reinforced by being able to set where and when each user or worker can access. Responsibility traced back to the individual.


Vanma electronic locks are no power needed and require no maintenance, of course, there is no need to change the battery.


We have a variety of locks: electronic padlocks, electronic cylinders, and electronic cam locks, all of them passive, without wiring or batteries. It will be very easy to adapt it to a company’s industrial security system.


The system can be extended up depending on the needs of the business.


Vanma access control allows you to temporarily issue unlock permission, authorized for the staff’s individual keys. Even in geographically remote sites.


Vanmalock is made of stainless steel, water resistance rating IP68, which is stronger and can be used in all kinds of harsh environments and extreme weather.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Administrator Settings

1. Set up the working department, set staff and their permission information.

2. Set the key. The key is connected to the intelligent lock management system of PC terminal through a specific card reader, and set the basic information of the key (the key and the card reader communicate through NFC).

3. Set the lock of the basic information and location information.

Step 2: Install the Lock

The worker installs the lock to the specified location. Installation requires no wiring, no maintenance.


Step 3: Authorized Unlock

Smart keys can be written to a list of open locks, as well as the date and time they can be unlocked.

Step 4: Staff Unlock

When the electronic key meets the electronic lock, the lock core is energized and information exchanged to determine whether the key can access that lock core. If authorization is successful, the lock is unlocked.