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Project Necessity

Chemical enterprises belong to high temperature, high pressure, toxic dangerous industry, in addition to the large production equipment, intensive, complex production process and other characteristics, with great risk. A small hidden trouble is very likely to occur large accidents, so the production characteristics of chemical enterprises decided to improve the quality of equipment inspection and coordinated emergency handling capacity, is the current stage to achieve safety production more realistic and effective important way.


In order to standardize the patrol work of employees, improve the quality of patrol, can timely find hidden dangers of equipment, prevent some employees from not patrolling according to the patrol route. The company introduced the JWM patrol management system, which can judge whether patrol security guards can patrol according to requirements, check and record patrol information, and can accurately reflect the arrival state of patrol guards. 

Project Introduction

JWM guard tour management system is mainly for the chemical production workshop production equipment, instrumentation, and pipeline patrol management. Dezhou shihua chemical production workshop consists of 20 departments with more than 100 patrol routes. Each department is responsible for round-the-clock patrol on different routes, and reports patrol data to the person in charge of the headquarters every day.

Solve Problems

  • 1. The guard tour system of JWM patrol software mainly solves the problems that security guards the detection of problems cannot be time to solve. 
  • 2. Patrol line can be set according to different needs of each department to ensure the clarity and consistency of patrol information. 
  • 3. Instead of the traditional check-in form, B/S patrol management software is adopted to realize the unified management and maintenance of data. Patrol data of each department can be uploaded to the server under different identities in their respective departments to realize the unified management of patrol situations of different departments by managers. 
  • 4. Added management means to achieve the purpose of maintenance management and urged staff to patrol on time to ensure the lossless sale of products. 

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S