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Project Necessity

The traditional patrol is to rely on the security guards’ consciousness to carry out patrol, patrol with a notebook to sign in. However, some security guards falsify guard tour records with their own experience, slack off during patrol, destroy check-in tools, etc, which has caused a lot of trouble to the management. While the management difficulty increases, the production equipment also has great safety risks.

Project Introduction

Dalian lianmei machinery co., LTD founded in October 1997, has a management team with rich experience and outstanding communication skills in the manufacturing field, and is able to establish partnership with large international companies. The business strategy is to become a world-class supplier, to provide the best quality, delivery time and the most reasonable price for the world-class company.

Solve Problems

  1. Realize unified management and quantitative assessment of security guards, avoid the waste of time and data fraud caused by manual data sorting, and improve the safety responsibility consciousness of security guards.
  2. Ensure that security guards conduct a comprehensive patrol on the production site every day, and implement 5S management.
  3. Ensure that security guards conduct inspection according to requirements, and can deal with abnormal situations in an emergency or report directly to avoid safety accidents.
  4. Ensure that security guards regularly carry out spot patrol on fire fighting equipment, and ensure that all fire-fighting equipment is in good and usable condition.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S