Dalian Goldenstone Golf Club Security Guard Systems

Location:Dalian Goldenstone Golf Club

Project Necessity

1. The check-in tools in outdoor venues are easily damaged and need to be replaced frequently, with the high cost and complicated operation process.
2. The failure to timely detect the equipment damage of outdoor stadium materials, which affects the use of guests.
3. Excessively rely on patrol personnel’s sense of responsibility, work execution is arbitrary, difficult to monitor and performance evaluation, and prone to fraud.
4. Due to the wide outdoor space, it is unable to give timely notice and location in case of emergencies, which may cause safety hazards and lead to accidents.
5. There are customer disputes in the club that cannot be solved in the first place, which has a bad influence on others.

Project Introduction

Dalian Goldenstone Golf Club is equipped with clubhouse, villa, parking lot, apron, golf course, and functional area. In the process of patrol, security guards carry RFID guard patrol tour reader, according to the patrol plan, patrol time designated checkpoints, reading patrol checkpoints to collect information from the scan, and automatically or manually to patrol information, information will be sent via GPRS to the management center, by the backend JWM guard patrol tour management system automatically processing, analysis, statistics, production reports, etc. It improves work efficiency and provides a scientific and accurate basis for patrol information and inquiry.

Solve Problems

1. The guard tour management system uses induction card technology, wireless communication, no contact, good protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed. No need for full-time maintenance, reduce the use cost.
2. The management personnel shall manage the guard tour software through the background, make the patrol plan, define the patrol route and patrol personnel and other functions. Through unified management of data, reduce the waste of time caused by manual data sorting and eliminate data fraud.
3. Unified management of personnel in the clubhouse, villa, parking lot, apron, golf course, and functional area, greatly improving patrol efficiency and time finding and replacing damaged materials.
4. Guard alarm systems. When patrol personnel find an emergency during patrol, they can press the one-button alarm function.

Product Introduction