Commercial Blocks Security Guard Solutions

In the management of commercial blocks, existing scientific and technological means and management means should be used to maintain the safety of property and tenants in commercial blocks by relying on various advanced equipment, tools and subjective initiative of people. This is a very important work, which is most concerned by the majority of tenants.


(1) Routine prevention: to assist the public security organ to maintain the public order of commercial blocks and prevent and stop any behavior that endangers or affects the safety of the property and tenants by combining guard duty and patrol duty.


1. Etiquette service;
2. Maintain the traffic order at the entrance and exit;
3. Verify external vehicles and personnel;
4. stop unidentified persons from entering the commercial district;
5. It is strictly prohibited to bring dangerous goods into the commercial block;
6. If an outsider takes a large item out of the commercial block, verify it with the owner and register it;
7. Provide convenience services for tenants; 


1. Inspect according to the prescribed route, leaving no dead corner;
2. inspect the parking situation of vehicles, maintain the smooth road, and do a good job in safety prevention;
3. Check and prevent suspicious persons in the commercial street;
4. Safety inspection of commercial blocks;
5. Security inspection of decoration households;
6. Prevent and handle all kinds of public security cases;

(2) technical prevention: use a security alarm monitoring system and electronic guard patrol system to monitor the public security situation in the commercial street area 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of the commercial block. Follow up and monitor suspicious or unsafe signs, and timely inform the security guard on duty to dispose of them on the spot. The security guard on duty received the public security alarm, rushed to the scene as appropriate, and the situation feedback to the monitoring center, the monitor for detailed records, file for future reference.


  • Implement semi-military management, formulate various security management systems and rewards and punishments, and strictly implement them to enhance the responsibility of security personnel.
  • Strengthen the internal management of security personnel, carry out systematic military quality training, improve the ideological quality and professional skills of security personnel, and organize no less than 4 joint exercises every year.
  • To strengthen the education of security personnel’s code of conduct, requiring uniform clothing, wearing certificates, civilized speech, and proper behavior.
  • Strictly implement the system of security patrol to ensure the quality of patrol.
  • Check and maintain the equipment of the monitoring center every day, and remove sundries along with the monitoring system that affects the monitoring effect in a timely manner. The fire management program and clean greening program.