Colorful Today Hotel Guard Patrol System

Location: Colorful Today Hotel

Project Necessity

Chain hotels have been welcomed by the vast number of residents for their safety and cheapness. As one of the representatives of the rapid development of hotel industry in recent years, hotel chains have been paying great attention to the feelings of residents. We know that the good impression for the residents lies in the good service experience, and there are many kinds of services. Guaranteeing the safety of the guests is one of the most important services. If the customers’needs for their own safety are satisfied, they will feel satisfied from the bottom of their hearts. The hotel will have a better impression in the eyes of the guests, and accordingly improve the service quality of the hotel.


JWM guard tour system provides a strong security service support for the five-color today’s chain hotel. The patrol plan is set up by the background software. The security guards handheld patrol machine is responsible for the patrol. The checkpoint is scanned after arriving at the designated position at the designated time. The patrol opportunity records the name of the place and the arrival time automatically, so as to realize the record and assessment management of the security work.

Solve Problems

1. Patrol, as planned can prevent theft, fire and safety incidents, and check whether fire passages and facilities, elevators, corridors , and other hotel facilities are different, changed or damaged or lost.
2. Patrol according to plan can deal with general safety, fire cases , and customer complaints. In case of emergency, timely contact with hotel managers, and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with;
3. Make patrol records available to check, prevent security guards from missing patrols, improve security awareness, and achieve scientific and modern management;
4. The group headquarters can spot check the patrol situation of each chain hotel at any time to achieve the goal of centralized management.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5