CNPC Gas Station Guard Tour System


With the development and progress of society, the management work becomes more scientific and digital than ever before. And because of the great economy, many accidents are caused by workers absent mind. As for that kind of matters, JWM offered a good solution for CNPC to a series of problems.

Application Solution

1. The guards use the reader to patrol on the routes and checkpoints which has been already set.
2. After patrolling, the department manager checks the records on Guard Tour System. If there have missed, the manager could be analyzing the reasons.

Solve Problems

1. JWM Guard Tour System solve problem which can’t be solved on time.
2. JWM Guard Tour System is more scientific and effective than traditional patrol.
3. JWM Guard Tour System urge the guards patrol on time and ensure the products sales with a high quality.
Project Introduction
CNPC is Chinas largest oil and gas producer and supplier, as well as one of the worlds major oilfield service providers and a globally reputed contractor in engineering construction. With a presence in almost 70 countries, CNPC are seeking an even greater international role. And CNPC provides energy in a profitable manner, and always attach great importance to china social and environmental responsibilities.

Device Strengths

1. Flashlight: WM-5000ES lights the road ahead of yours and let you never stay in a dark world. So using the WM-5000ES, the guard didn’t need to carry another flashlight for light. It is convenient for your night patrol.
2.Easy Operation: Through 17 years’ market investigation and extensive feedbacks among 30 million customers, we tried to design the most humanized and easy operational system for our customers.
3. Never Worry about Forgetting to Patrol: It is easily solving your knotty problem only by setting an alarm clock. When the clock is ringing, it is time for a security guard to patrol.
4. The WM-5000ES works with cloud software and stand-alone system: No matter the place where are you stayed, you could check the patrol report anywhere and anytime. You can every data on the cloud when access to the web site and enter the password.