“Cloud” Patrol System of Panjin Archives Bureau


In order to effectively strengthen the safety management work of the Archives, implement the principle of “prevention first, combining prevention and control”, and do a good job in preventing theft, light, dust, high temperature, fire, dust, rodents, and insects. In 2020, Panjin Archives Bureau introduced the JWM Cloud Patrol System Certification to do a good job in daily patrol of important locations in the office building, departments, and archives, and ensure the safety of archives through scientific and rigorous inspection management methods

Urgent Problem

  • In the archives room, the files stored in the archives are not checked in time, and accidents are prone to cause irreparable losses; 
  • The file room is dimly lit and the location of the points is complicated, and it is difficult to find the exact location of the patrol point during patrol; 
  • Traditional patrols require handwritten registration, which is not only troublesome and difficult to maintain but also easy to cheat;


  • Install patrol points in each area of the archives room and set the patrol cycle in the system software; 
  • 70Y patrol point has luminous function, Hummer 4S has flashlight function; 
  • Using the patrol wand to read the card, it can accurately record the information of the patrol and the time of arrival at each location;


  • Guards go to each point to read the card on time according to the prescribed patrol cycle, and check the files to ensure safety of the files; 
  • Even in the night patrol environment, the reader can clearly find the patrol point and successfully read the card; 
  • The patrol record is accurate and clear, and the data after the patrol cannot be changed;


First, according to the patrol system of Panjin Archives, install patrol points on each location or route that needs to be patrolled. At the same time, the patrol wand and each point are mutually read, and the location name of each point is noted in the cloud patrol system, and Enter the patrol guard’s information and patrol time into the cloud patrol system to make a patrol plan. When patrolling, the guards only need to hold the patrol wand to read the card at each patrol point, deal with problems in time, and upload the data stored in the patrol wand to the computer through the data cable after the patrol. The cloud patrol system will automatically draw a patrol table for managers to view. The patrol table records the time when the patrol personnel arrive at each point, and the occurrence of missing patrols will be specially marked, and the patrol results are clear at a glance, accurate and clear.

Product Model: WM-5000V4s

As the flagship model of the patrol industry, the WM-5000 V4s patrol wand has the biggest feature of the first high-definition OLED liquid crystal display, with 12 working states prompted by Chinese characters. And integrated highlight flashlight, compass, thermometer function. The body adopts a silicone jacket, a metal shell, and a silicone inner liner. The protection level is IP67.

Solve Problem

  • 1. Solved the situation that the files stored in the file room were not checked in time; 
  • 2. Solved the situation that the light in the archives is dark, the location of the points is complicated, and it is difficult to find the exact location of the patrol point during patrol; 
  • 3. Solve the problem of traditional records that are difficult to maintain and easy to cheat;