Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Guard Tour System

Location: Guangdong Jiangmen Jindi Property Management Co., LTD

Project Necessity

As the “first gate”, the airport is the most important, largest, most advanced and busiest international airport in China. It is also China’s air portal and an important window for foreign exchanges. Traditional airport tour is more work, easy to cause data error, low efficiency, for tour personnel supervision is not in place, tour more standard is not standard and other disadvantages are increasingly prominent, such management status is bound to cause airport facilities, assets and modern management loopholes, failures and hidden dangers can not be ignored.


JWM Guard Tour System changed the traditional mode of patrol in the airport, improved the efficiency of patrol and the availability of data, realized the sharing of patrol data and equipment data, further standardized the patrol management process, and strengthened the supervision of patrol work. We will ensure the safety of airport terminals, security gates, boarding gates, airport shops, restaurants, and other places. We will make use of technological innovations to make patrol more efficient, timely and secure. Make the airport indoor patrol management level take on a new look.

Project Introduction

Chongqing Jiang Bei international airport, located in Yubei District street and 19 kilometers away from the city center, is one of the three major hub airports in southwest China. In 2013, it became the fifth airport in China to implement the 72-hour transit visa exemption policy. Has been awarded the national civilized airport, the national civilized unit, and another provincial (ministry) level honor more than 90. Won the 2011 “Asia Pacific best progress award” issued by airport association international (ACI), “the second-best airport with a global passenger throughput of 15-25 million”.

Solve Problems

1. JWM Guard Tour System, using induction card technology, wireless communication, no contact, better protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed. No need for professional maintenance, reduce the cost of use.
2.The airport patrol management personnel shall make systematic management through background patrol, develop patrol plan, define patrol route, security guards and other functions. Unified management of airport terminals, security gates, and cross-district airports. The unified personnel management is realized and the efficiency of patrol is greatly improved. Through the unified management of data, reduce the time waste caused by manual data collation and eliminate the data fraud.
3.Establish decision-making and working mode based on data analysis through statements, and provide decision-making basis for preventive patrol.

Product Introduction