Guard Tour System - Chinese Coin Museum

Location: Guangdong Jiangmen Jindi Property Management Co., LTD

Project Necessity

  • 1. Museums collect rich cultural relics with historical, natural and artistic values, which are valuable resources that cannot be recycled.
  • 2. If the checkpoint is set too low, it is easy to be destroyed when the children in the community play.
  • 3. Coin museum is not only responsible for guiding and promoting coin collection, research and publicity of coin culture, but also the epitome of the history of Beijing, which is bound to attract many tourists, so the safety issue is the basis and guarantee for the overall promotion and comprehensive development of the museum at present.

Project Introduction

With the innovation of new technology, in order to strengthen the construction of technology prevention and ensure the safety of museum relics, visitors and staff, China coin museum invests money to maintain and upgrade the security equipment every year. By installing JWM  guard tour patrol management system and security agency for reasonable planning, of which the internal focus on the key parts such as warehouse, showrooms, repair room prone to fire site, such as laboratory and transformer room confidential parts, such as the personnel archives, such as control room, document library, and the peripheral roads and traffic for 24 hours on duty and security patrol, inspection, real implementation is given priority to with civil air defense, technology dimension is a combination of the trinity of security patrol management system, to ensure the security of the museum has laid a solid foundation.

Solve Problems

1. During the exhibition of cultural relics, safety inspection shall be carried out in exhibition halls and exhibition rooms to prevent visitors and tourists from painting, writing, carving, carving or even destroying or stealing cultural relics.
2. According to the plan, patrolling, can prevent theft, fire, public security incidents, at the same time, check the doors and windows, display cabinets, exhibits whether different, whether there is no change or damage lost.
3. According to the plan, the patrol can deal with general public security, traffic, fire fighting cases, and customer complaints. In case of emergency, the team leader should be contacted in time and personnel should be quickly mobilized to deal with it.
4. Manage the road traffic around the museum and the car yard to prevent visitors’ cars from being damaged or stolen.
5. Make inspection records available, prevent security guard from missing patrol, improve safety awareness and realize scientific and modern management.

Product Introduction