China Yangzi Petrochemical Co., LTD Guard Tour System

Location: China Yangzi Petrochemical Co., LTD

Project Necessity

Although the enterprise has improved the safety production system and strengthened the daily management of production operations, it is still unable to eliminate the losses caused by leakage and neglect of duty.
1. No one has found any hidden danger such as trachoma and slight cracks in equipment, unit, and pipeline.
2. Slight leakage, leakage, smoke and other accident precursors of inflammable, explosive and toxic media can not be solved in time.
3. In the case of vibration, overtemperature, and loss of control of equipment and instruments, the alarm cannot be given in time.
4. The security guards may leave their posts or neglect their duties.
5. After discovering the attempted accident and hidden danger, the responsible person cannot report to the competent department of the factory in time. After the patrol report was recorded by memory, the data was missing and the preventive measures could not be formulated accurately.


Accidents must be caused by potential safety hazards. Yangzi petrochemical in order to strengthen the safety of scientific management work, put forward the GPS patrol management system through the technical means, to the production staff effective supervision, strengthen patrol efforts, timely eliminate hidden safety risks, prevent the occurrence of unsafe accidents; Strengthen the field safety management, maintain the healthy and stable operation of equipment.

Project Introduction

JWM GPS intelligent patrol management system is mainly applied in the torch gas recovery operation area of Yangzi petrochemical logistics department. The department security guards carry GPS patrol device, maintenance, maintenance equipment, and facilities, according to the specified plan, through the patrol of the operation of production facilities security prevention, at the same time, handheld GPS equipment can be through GPRS way the track of the security guards information transmission to the management center, to achieve the purpose of scientific management.

Solve Problems

1.The intelligent patrol management system strengthens the scientific means of safety prevention management and has advanced technology.
2.Through the management terminal located in the management center, complete the installation of patrol points, patrol sections and patrol lines in the factory, and the deployment of maintenance personnel.
3.Realize the management center’s remote patrol of the security guards’ patrol route, and assess the security guards’ work, so as to achieve the purpose of centralized management.
4.Solve on-site emergencies and realize the emergency mobilization of on-site personnel.
5.Realize the uploading of all patrol track and patrol data, and provide track playback and data query. 

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System