Guard Tour System - China postal Savings Bank co., LTD.

Location:China postal savings bank co., LTD. Shenyang branch

Project Introduction

1. Guard Tour system is used in the five districts of the city, as well as xinmin, kangping, liaozhong and faku. The location of the business hall is relatively scattered, and each indoor business hall is about 20 minutes away by car. Mainly concentrated in residential areas, the first floor for the window hall, the second floor for internal staff office, a business hall about 4 Windows, all have non-cash business, there are 24 hours of self-service business hall, all business hall layout is basically the same.
2. The security guards are deployed by the security company. They are adjusted in each business hall.
3. There are two kinds of patrol plans, one is 24-hour patrolling, and the patrolling is conducted every two hours; One is only daytime patrol, 2 hours patrol once, 4 times a day;
4. Each business hall shall install a checkpoint next to the ATM, and the daily patrol data shall be uploaded to the Shenyang branch center in real-time.

Solve Problems

1. Put an end to the phenomenon that the security patrol guards cannot be scientifically and accurately assessed and managed, effectively supervised the daily patrol work of the security guards, and put the management of the patrol guard in place;
2. Patrolling by security guards can reduce various uncivilized phenomena in the service;
3. Effectively deal with all kinds of emergencies, greatly improving work efficiency;
4. Patrol important places to reduce the incidence of crimes and property losses;
5. Timely find out whether the ATM machine is out of order and improve the overall service standard of the bank.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5