China Post Mail Carrier Patrol System

Project Introduction

China Post RFID guard patrol management system adopts the leading technology of the world RFID, Internet network and Data analysis. That can manage the Mail Carriers’ working efficiently. Just the install the post-checkpoint to the designated spot. Then Mail Carrier needs to read the tag of each post-checkpoint. The reader will record the checkpoint name and reading time. When the employee goes back to the office, he can upload the data to the computer via USB cable. The management software can show all the patrol information in patrol report. And the report can be printed and export to excel. We adopt the web based software which manages the data through the internet. And the data will be stored in Server. And we could transmit and check the data everywhere by a link. That is much more convenient than Desk version and local area version. We can distribute different authority to every user. Each user can manage his own data. And we reserved interface for patrol data analysis. That applies to the different application environment.

Solve Problems

1. The guards use the reader to patrol on the routes and checkpoints which has been already set.
2. After patrolling, the department manager checks the records on Guard Tour System. If there have missed, the manager could be analyzing the reasons.

Achievement We Got

China Post in Guizhou Province adopts JWM guard tour system. The attendance rate of all employee reach 100% and the overstock of mail never happened. The timeliness has been improved obviously.