China Petroleum West-East Gas Pipeline

Location: China Petroleum West-east Gas Pipeline

Project Necessity

How to ensure the safe and stable operation of more than 6300 kilometers of natural gas pipeline submerged 1 meter underground? After several years of practice, according to the different conditions of 13 provinces, cities and autonomous regions along the pipeline, the west-east gas transmission pipeline company has formulated different pipeline inspection systems and measures, and relying on modern scientific and technological means to improve the management level and constantly innovate inspection means, creating three “domestic first”.


Since June 2004, the west-east gas pipeline company began to use electronic monitoring of pipeline patrol. In other words, multiple point information sources are set on the test pile or corner pile, and guard tour equipment is equipped for the line patrol worker. As long as the patrol operators scan the information source, they can accurately record the patrol time and other information. The management personnel can check the patrol time, route and effect of the security guards through the connection between the handheld machine and the computer. It is the first time to realize the effective supervision and restriction of the security guards with the modern management method in China and strengthen the supervision and management of the patrol work.

Project Introduction

The west-east natural gas pipeline is the longest and largest diameter natural gas transmission pipeline in China, which starts from Yunnan in the Tarim Basin in the west and ends in Shanghai in the east. The first line of west-east gas transmission project was formally started in July 2002, and the whole line was completed and put into operation on October 1, 2004. The main trunk line starts from the Yunnan oil and gas field of Tarim oilfield in Xinjiang in the west, passes through large and medium-sized cities such as Korla, Turpan, Nanjing and Changzhou in the east, and traverses nine provinces such as Xinjiang and Gansu in the east and west, with a total length of 4,200 kilometers. It is the first world-class natural gas pipeline project designed and built by our country, and the landmark project of the development of western China decided by The State Council. At present, there are six management offices all over the line, which are responsible for the operation and management of the entire line of trunk lines, branch lines and the size of the process station.

Solve Problems

1. JWM Guard Tour System effectively solves the spot rate of the patrol workers.
2. Simple construction and maintenance, flexible location of GPS information.
3. The security guards are simple to operate and the data upload is convenient and fast.
4. Increased management means to achieve the purpose of maintenance and management.

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System