China Petrochemical Shale Gas Field Guard Tour System

Location: China Petrochemical Shale Gas Field

Project Necessity

With the development of economy, related pipeline lines in various industries are extending rapidly, establishing a set of the scientific and effective maintenance assessment system is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring the stable and reliable operation of various pipeline lines.
The Guard Tour System independently developed by JWM can carry out quantitative and dynamic management on the patrol of pipeline lines. Through the data, the monitoring and assessment of the whole pipeline line patrol work are realized. Through information management, improve the efficiency of maintenance work, eliminate the behavior of staff leaving the post, so as to timely find the problems and hidden dangers of pipeline line, prevent and eliminate the occurrence of major pipeline line accidents, and ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the whole pipeline line.


The line security guards shall carry out the track patrol along the pipeline under his jurisdiction according to the specified time. After arriving at the corresponding patrol facilities, read the fixed point information to check the nearby patrol facilities and send it to the management center in real-time. The management center collects and centrally processes the data of the daily maintenance work of the maintenance department, and evaluates the completion of the maintenance work according to the patrol data.

Project Introduction

In March 2014, Sinopec made a major breakthrough in the exploration and development of shale gas and will build China’s first ten-billion-square-meter shale gas field – Fuling shale gas field in 2017. This marks a major strategic breakthrough in China’s shale gas development and a stage of large-scale commercial development ahead of schedule. At present, 27 shale gas Wells have been drilled and 21 Wells have been completed in Fuling national shale gas demonstration area of Chongqing. 10 horizontal Wells have been put into trial production, with an average single well production of 150,000 cubic meters/day, and cumulative commercial gas production of nearly 73 million cubic meters. The hydrocarbon content is as high as 98% and does not contain hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases.

Solve Problems

GPS patrol system solves the problems of complicated pipeline environment and difficult construction. The implementation of the pipeline patrol personnel artificial monitoring plays a role in the pipeline damage prevention, effective management of the security guards scientific.

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System