China Lottery Center Guard Tour System

Location: China Lottery Center

Project Necessity

Welfare lottery work involves a wide range of people, high social attention, to ensure the safety of welfare lottery work is an important work of the lottery organization. Especially the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to comprehensively strengthen the welfare lottery sales safety management work and provide lottery buyers with a safe and secure purchase environment, the lottery management organizations put safety work in the first place, establish the concept of “safe operation, healthy development”, carefully check the potential safety risks.


In order to ensure the safe and orderly operation of lottery distribution work and eliminate all kinds of safety accidents, lottery center introduces the JWM guard tour system, to ensure that the security guards can according to the requirements of the betting station, lottery online sales hall for security hidden dangers screening.

Project Introduction

China welfare lottery was started in 1987, with the purpose of “uniting people from all walks of life who are enthusiastic about social welfare undertakings, carrying forward the spirit of socialist humanitarianism, and raising social welfare funds to help people in need”, namely “helping the old, the disabled, the orphaned and the needy”. Later, the China welfare lottery distribution center was set up as a distribution organization.

Solve Problems

1. JWM guard patrol management system solves the problem of security miss patrol, strengthens the duty on duty, earnestly performs the duties, ensures the security guards on duty patrol, and provides a safe order and environment for lottery players.
2. According to the requirements, the security investigation was carried out on the lottery warehouse, and the doors and windows in the warehouse were checked to ensure the security of lottery storage.
3. Conduct fire and anti-theft patrol on lottery betting station and sales hall as required, check whether fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and other fire prevention equipment are expired and whether electrical equipment is in good condition, so as to eliminate electrical leakage and water leakage.
4. Check the doors and windows as required to ensure that no one is in the closed state.
5. In case of accidents or emergencies, it can timely report and start the emergency plan for proper disposal through the one-key alarm, so as to minimize the loss caused by accidents and disasters.

Product Introduction

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