China Great Hall Hotel Guard Tour System

Location: China Great Hall Hotel

Project Necessity

In order to ensure the safety of the reception hotel, the hotel of the great hall of the people according to the requirements of the relevant departments, in order to strengthen the safety supervision, to fully serve the security of the “two sessions” work objectives, further strengthen the safety of the hotel patrol. Due to the “particularity” of security, the relevant departments require the hotel to conduct a 24-hour comprehensive monitoring patrol. After a variety of investigation, trial and identification, the introduction of the JWM guard patrol management system. The research and development of the patrol system are carried out according to the special requirements of relevant departments and the actual situation of the hotel. It not only clearly implements the supervision responsibility and strengthens the management measures, but also practically eliminates the hidden danger of production safety accidents and prevents the occurrence of various production safety accidents.


During the “two sessions”, the relevant departments are responsible for the external social aspects of the great hall of the people control work as well as the hall hotel on behalf of the resident, the chief driving route, the conference driving route and other important security tasks! In addition to attending the plenary session at the great hall of the people, the delegates’ hotel is the most important place for them to have meetings, eat and stay.

Project Introduction

The hotel of the great hall of the people is located on the west side of tian ‘anmen square, adjacent to the great hall of the people, the office building of the National People’s Congress, Zhongnanhai, the Palace Museum, the national museum, and the national center for the performing arts. The hotel of the great hall of the people aims to provide convenient and high-quality services for the National People’s Congress, ministries and commissions, provinces and autonomous regions, and strive to build the hotel of the great hall of the people into a “home of representatives”.

Solve Problems

1. The hotel of the great hall of the people will conduct a comprehensive hidden trouble investigation on emergency lighting, safety signs, fire-fighting equipment, and alarm equipment in advance. Staff on each floor will be arranged to conduct a round-the-clock patrol to ensure the safety of the hotel during the “two sessions”.
2. Implement and strengthen the production safety on duty preparation and information reporting system, strictly implement the production safety on-duty system, realize the unified management and quantitative assessment of the staff, and eliminate the phenomenon of leaving the post.
3. The management center comprehensively monitored the patrol route and time, and asked the staff to check the key parts and links of the hotel one by one, so as to reduce the negligence and leakage of the patrol.
4. For all kinds of security risks found during the patrol, targeted hedging measures can be timely taken and timely reported to strictly implement the safety responsibility system.
5. Ensure the smooth flow of all areas and fire exits of the hotel, clean up the illegal and disorderly articles in time, check the fire prevention and fire-fighting equipment on time, and ensure that all fire-fighting equipment is in good condition.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System