Chemical Security Monitoring Management Solution


Chemical plants, chemical warehouses and other areas have a large number of volatile, inflammable and toxic gases, dust and raw materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene and crude oil raw materials, once leaked will have a significant impact on the human body and the surrounding environment; And this kind of area is inflammable and explosive high-risk area, such as oil and gas depot, chemical storage area, if fire, explosion accident, the consequences are immeasurable.
For the security management of such high-risk areas, the main purpose is to improve the early warning, disposal and daily safety management ability of the energy industry factory in case of emergencies. Security requirements mainly include production/storage area safety monitoring, personnel and vehicle control, accident warning and emergency treatment.

Production Process
Three aspects of safety should be paid attention to in the production process:
1) the production and operation status of the working equipment in the refinery, such as whether the storage tank and valve leak, whether the pipelines of natural gas, kerosene and petrochemical transmission burst or are damaged intentionally or unintentionally;
2) supervise the compliance operation in the loading and unloading project of raw materials and finished products of the refinery, such as supervising the entering and exiting vehicles, recording the license plate number of the entering and exiting vehicles, and supervising whether the staff violate the regulations, such as smoking or using lighters;

Storage Area
The storage area should pay attention to the following points:
1) monitor whether the enterprise shall store different hazardous chemicals in strict accordance with the principles of isolation, separation and separation according to regulations;
2) real-time collection of environmental data in the warehouse, such as toxic concentration, whether the temperature and humidity exceed the standard, whether water leakage, etc.;
3) monitor the water and air around the production and storage of hazardous chemicals.

Personnel and Vehicle Control
1) prevent the intrusion of non-related personnel for theft and sabotage;
2) the identity of the person entering the park shall be strictly checked and controlled and recorded;
3) whole-process monitoring of transport vehicles and ordinary vehicles entering and leaving the park;


The system is mainly composed of a video monitoring system, perimeter alarm system, fire alarm system, access control system, moving ring acquisition system, entrance and exit vehicle control system, parking management system, guard patrol system, programmed scheduling telephone/loudspeaker system.
The scene monitoring system is responsible for the complete front end of the audio and video information, alarm information collection, cache, coding, storage and distribution, and other functions.
The video monitoring system monitors the whole area in real time. The alarm system is used for the detection and prevention of regional alarm situations. The access control system controls the entrances and exits of buildings such as office buildings, dormitories, warehouses and public venues.