Changqing Oilfield Pipeline Optical Cable

Location: Changqing oilfield pipeline optical cable

Project Necessity

1. The optical cable line is long, requiring maintenance personnel to patrol according to the line distribution, but lack of responsibility division, some maintenance personnel are not familiar with the line distribution, can not judge the location, can not do real maintenance.
2. Cable need to eliminate problems promptly, to avoid unnecessary accidents, especially in the rain, snow and other bad weather, more timely inspection and maintenance of the cable. Part of the maintenance personnel due to lazy off post, leave a post, no timely patrol and cause safety accidents.
3. Can not timely find the impact of external construction on the optical cable line, even if found the problem is not time to deal with.
4. The management center did not carry out information-based management of maintenance personnel, resulting in the loss of inspection records. Some maintenance personnel was irresponsible and forged inspection records, resulting in low work efficiency and poor maintenance quality.


he exploration area of Changqing oilfield is mainly in the Shaan-Gansu-Ning basin, with a total exploration area of about 370,000 square kilometers. The construction of oil and gas exploration and development began in 1970, and 22 oil and gas fields have been discovered, including 19 oil and gas fields, with a total proved oil and gas reserves of 54.88 million tons (including 233.08 billion cubic meters of proven natural gas reserves, equivalent to crude oil reserves in equivalent terms). From 2003 to 2007, it only took four years to achieve a big leap from 10 million tons to 20 million tons, becoming the third-largest oil field in China only after the Daqing oil field and the Shengli oil field.

Project Introduction

For the fiber optic cable maintenance work of Changqing oilfield oil pipeline, each of several fiber optic cable maintenance workers is equipped with JWM GPS guard tour reader. The patrol inspector, with JWM GPS guard tour reader in hand, travels along the prescribed line and can report the management position information of the patrol site to the control center in real-time and submit relevant patrol inspection information. Control center through the patrol inspection workers upload data, with patrol management software can view the location of the patrol inspection and security status, not only to ensure the safety of the communication cable but also for the later maintenance of events brought a reliable basis.

Solve Problems

1. Through the guard management software located in the management center, complete the setting of each inspection line, inspection section, and checkpoints, and deploy the inspection tasks of maintenance personnel to achieve scientific management.
2. Realize the real-time inspection and review of the inspection route of maintenance personnel in the management center, evaluate the work of maintenance personnel, achieve the goal of centralized management, reduce the phenomenon of staff leaving the post due to laziness, and reduce the negligence of patrol.
3. Patrol the construction scope by setting the guard patrol tour reader and using the “three eyes” patrol management method; The construction emergency can be sent to the alarm button, the management center will be the first time to receive the notice, and immediately take measures to reduce the loss to the minimum.
4. Upload inspection data to the database of the management center for centralized management and maintenance, and form the work report of pipeline inspection. It realizes information management, improves work efficiency and improves maintenance quality.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+