Changchun Water (Group) Co. Ltd Guard Tour System

Location: Changchun Water (Group) Co. Ltd

Project Necessity

With the acceleration of China’s urbanization process, the importance of the water industry has become increasingly prominent. At present, a good situation has basically taken shape that the government has strengthened its supervision, improved policies, and regulations, improved water engineering technology level and significantly enhanced water supply capacity.


In order to further ensure the normal daily water use of urban residents and ensure the quality of water supply, the Changchun water group continuously strengthens and improves the establishment of relevant systems. At the same time, the group strengthens the effective supervision and management of maintenance patrol through the use of scientific and effective technical means of JWM GPS intelligent patrol management system.

Project Introduction

The main application equipment of this project is WM-5000P5+. The main functions of the equipment are as follows: filling in the operating parameters of the instrument, taking photos of the project site, and recording the GPS track route. Through the JWM guard tour system to further strengthen and improve the relevant patrol system, the security guards according to the arranged line of patrol and the actual situation of assessment, and through GPS positioning means to achieve the maintenance of the security guards’ effective supervision and management.

Solve Problems

1. Through the JWM GPS patrol system, the appointed security guards can reach the designated position within the specified time according to the specified route, enhance the scientific means of safety prevention management, and achieve advanced technology.
2. In addition to the transmission function when necessary, the patrol handheld device also has the function of collecting on-site data, pictures, and calls and uploading them to the management center. Take photos and call functions to timely report and deal with emergencies.
3. Realize the uploading of all patrol track and patrol data, and provide track playback and data query.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+