Meet The “Shanhaiguan”

July is JWM annual travel month, this time we came to the essence of the ancient Chinese the Great Wall. Known as ‘the first customs in the world”, which is well-known in the world—Shanhaiguan.

This tour is different from previous years. We add a project called”Guardian Angel”.During the journey, everyone has a new task to take care of the companion that they smoked. All the families showed their love for their angel, which made us deeply moved.

July 18

After six hours’ mileage, we reached Dongdaihe. That is our three-day and two-night residence. Although the journey is long and hard, with beautiful scenery, delicious food and families. Everything is worth it!

July 19

After our breakfast, we came to the “Nine Gates Great Wall.”As the saying goes, “The Great Wall is wonderful everywhere.”There are nine drainage gates under the city bridge, hence the Great Wall is called “Nine Gates Great Wall.”

The Great Wall

July 20

We came to the last stop — Shanhaiguan. Appreciate the ancient Ming and Qing customs. Understand the vigorous border rhyme, listen to the historical allusions of “a red face in a rage at the crown”. Feel the fire and smoke of the Pingjin Campaign.

I like it here. How about you?

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Big Sales! The March Expo on Alibaba is going on

The March Expo on Alibaba that all people are longing for is coming!

As your professional assistant of the security industry, we provide special gifts to ensure your safety on March 4th.
One dollar for three-month trial !!!
Want more efficiency? Want to reduce the costs?
It’s easy!
Start with changing your patrol mode to use application.

First, Using our software avoids you some serious headaches about the charge of maintenance and complex operations. We’ll take all efforts to satisfy your desires of Free Setup. Second, it’s really convenient for you to make personalized patrol schedule. Also, you will find out that the guards will be more positive to do daily patrol than before. Finally, the manager can view the multi-dimensional reports and diversified statistics to strengthen security management at a glance.
We invite you to try it out soon!

Special Discount Provide !!!

We have prepared various discounts to meet all kinds of needs of customers. Even you can have it with twenty percent off. It’s your decision to choose a favorable coupon.
Besides these, don’t forget to take the bonus gift after our transaction. The extra card will be provided for you. The more equipment you buy, the more card you get.
If you require more details about our promotion, contact us now! Do not miss this opportunity!
We set the special customer service that service for you!

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Something Special on CIIE 2018

The China International Import Expo, scheduled be held in Shanghai from November 5-10, will greatly open trade opportunities for South Africa and the African continent as a whole. 82 countries, including 12 “Guests of Honor”, and three international organizations had set up 71 booths in the CIIE. More than 100 new products and technologies will make their debut at the first China International Import Expo. Pharmaceuticals, IT-enabled services from India, food and agricultural products from Brazil, Flowers from Kenya— dazzling exhibits are on display at the country pavilions of the first-ever China International Import Expo in Shanghai.

At the same time, JWM also launched a new product: WM-5000L4D. It prompts the working status of the patrol device at any time with an OLED liquid crystal display. And it has many features that other devices don’t have.

4G online guard patrol Reader with Call Function

The patrol status of the device can be recorded and online patrol rounds management know the status of your staff in real-time. It provides a more convenient way to work.

Task Prompt

The software can preset task hints for the necessary checkpoints. When reading the card, it will be prompted by voice. Each Checkpoint can increase up to 10 tasks.

Voice calls

You can preset 5 groups of phone numbers. If the guard encounter an emergency, you can communicate in real time and coordinate quickly.

Fast charging

3500mAh Long Battery life with fast charging. It will reach 65% in an hour. Total charged need only 2 hours. Fully Charged for 4 days working.

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Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter. people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating sweet treats. In theory, families could also prevent tricks being played on them by providing the neighborhood children with small treats. Thus, a new American tradition was born, and it has continued to grow. Today, Americans spend an estimated $6 billion annually on Halloween, making it the country’s second largest commercial holiday after Christmas.

Halloween is becoming more and more famous in China, Many malls will decorate black cats, ghosts, monsters and Halloween lanterns for this occasion, and there are great discounts for merchandise in order to attract more customers. JWM is one of the largest guard tour system manufacturers in China. And recently released a product WM-5000K, with built-in RFID reading, WM-5000K now adds you patrol with different walkie-talkie function which makes security guard communicate more easily and fluently. And with channel monitor, you do not need to worry about your security guard chit-chat during the patrol. And WM-5000K charger current can reach up to 3A and work with a large capacity 3700mAh lithium battery. And 1.5 hours can be full of power! During full power, the standby time can be up to 2days for meeting the daily patrol for 12 hours.

It is a good choice with JWM Guard Tour System, you will enjoy a relaxed and safe holiday!

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Did you feel inconvenient about this?

JWM specializes in equipment and software for industry sectors that require guard tour patrol, time and attendance or lone worker protection products using RFID or NFC technology.

The company has recently introduced its new e-commerce website, which it says will allow customers to fully understand the solutions available which can be purchased online saving the customer the inconvenience of waiting for call-backs and quotes.
The site allows customers to explore whether they require on-premises or a cloud-based system. A cloud system allows for the scaling up or down depending on business requirements without the need to invest in IT infrastructure or personnel. The system will also enable users to access the system with their credentials from any PC that has an internet connection. There are also various specification devices to suit all applications.

For a free trial of the Cloud Software and APP contact us.

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Happy Birthday! China!

The National Day of the Peoples Republic of China is a public holiday in the Peoples Republic of China to celebrate the national day, and it is celebrated annually on October 1. On that day, lots of large-scaled activities are held nationwide. The 7-day holiday from Oct. 1st to 7th is called “Golden Week”, during which more and more Chinese people go traveling around the country.


The PRC was founded on September 21, 1949, with a ceremony celebrating the forming of the Central Peoples Government taking place in Tiananmen Square on October 1 that year. The Central Peoples Government passed the Resolution on the National Day of the Peoples Republic of China on December 2, 1949, and declared that October 1 is the National Day.


The National Day is celebrated throughout China with a variety of government-organized festivities, including fireworks and concerts. Public places, such as Tiananmen Square in Beijing, are decorated in a festive theme. Portraits of revered leaders are publicly displayed. Besides, there are impressive military reviews attracting people from both home and abroad to watch. Following the military reviews are usually huge parades by common people to express their patriotic feelings. The Military Review & Parade is now held in a small scale every 5 years and in a large scale every 10 years.

Travel Tips

During the Golden Week, lots of Chinese go traveling. It leads to a sea of people at attraction sites. To make your travel in China easier and more comfortable, here are some tips for reference:
(1) If possible, avoid traveling during the “Golden Week”. One can make it just before or after the “crowding period”. During those time periods, there are usually fewer tourists, the cost is comparatively lower, and the visit is more satisfying.
(2) If one really needs to travel during the Chinese National Day holiday, try to avoid the first two days and the last day of the “Golden Week”. Because they are the busiest time for the transportation system when the flight tickets are highest and train and long-distance bus tickets are hardest to buy. Also, the first two days are usually the most crowded at the attraction sites, especially the famous ones.
(3) Avoid hot destinations. These places are always crowded with visitors during the “Golden Week”. Choose some not so famous tourism cities and attractions, where there are fewer visitors and one can enjoy the scene more leisurely.

Last but not least, the danger is often hidden in a crowd. So, how can we avoid it? Maybe patrol product is your good choice. With JWM Guard Tour System, you will enjoy a relaxed and safe holiday!

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Mid-Autumn Festival in China

Have you heard about the Mid-Autumn Festival? And for this festival, how much do you know? We have sorted out some knowledge points about it. Now let us talk about it…

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. Also called the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival.

What is the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival?

The festival has a history of over 3,000 years. It was derived from the custom of moon worship during the Shang Dynasty. Ancient Chinese emperors worshiped the sun and moon every year to pray for a good harvest. They believed the sun and moon are in charge of the universe.

What is the special food of the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Mooncakes are the must-eat Mid-Autumn food in China. They are a traditional Chinese pastry. Chinese people see in the roundness of mooncakes a symbol of reunion and happiness.
Other foods eaten during the festival are harvest foods, such as crabs, pumpkins, pomeloes, and grapes. People enjoy them at their freshest, most nutritious, and auspicious meanings are particularly associated with round foods.

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Annual Party

At the end of each Chinese year, all JWM staff will come together and have a good time—–our annual party. It’s not just a reward for the one-years hard working. We share the moments that touch our heart the most, no matter happy or not.

We looking forward to writing new pages with you our faithful partners in the coming new year, we will keep progressing.

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Summer Trip

Dear friends:

We were just back from the summer trip. From 13th to 15th July, we had a happy trip. During these three days, we came to the best beautiful countryside in China. We felt the nature and had a good rest. We saw the great waterfall, picked the peaches by ourselves, climbed the mountain, had a party at night and saw many beautiful views. We had a happy time with our big family. In the future, we will continue to try our best to make the best guard tour system.

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Spring tour

On Saturday, JWM family had a spring tour. We played games to find our childhood. We also had a picnic and had a happy time.

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Annual Meeting

Dear friends:

We are just back from the Annual Meeting of 2016. This is the 12th Annual Meeting of JWM. In JWM,
all members celebrate together. It is a big party. In the new tear, JWM will continue to supply you the best

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Merry Christmas

Christmas time is here, thanks for you supporting JWM in 2016! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Warm greetings and best wished for happiness and good luck in the coming 2017!

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Summer Hiking

Dear friends:
We are just back from the Summer Hiking of 2016. From 23rd to 24th July, all people of JWM climbed the mountain and the hiking distance reaches to more than 30 kilometers. We challenged ourselves and gained a lot. The trip is tiring but happy. We received assistance and inspire from patrners. Whats more, we know that nothing is impossible. No matter how a great difficulty that we face, we all can get success by cooperating and encouraging each other. In the future, JWM will continue to try our best to service our customers.

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Annual Meeting

Dear friends,
We are just back from the Annual Meeting of 2015. This is the 11th Annual Meeting of JWM. We get together to celebrate the past year. Annual Meeting of JWM is an award ceremony and party. The branch of Beijing and Shenzhen was back to us, too. That is just like Chinese New Year.

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Company Tour

From July 16th to July 18th, We went to Inner Mongolia. We enjoy the grasslands and rode horses.And we hold the final match of Speech. Of course we did some training games. Left City to grasslands that made us stay more nearly with nature and had so much delicious food. We were so happy this tour.

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Refund for resources of the our system

For providing better service for customers, we collect the pictures or videos of guard tour system with JWM logo. If you have them, please give us. And we will give you the checkpoints for feedback.
1. The Pictures or video should be HD and that can show the application in your industry
2. One Picture is for 5 checkpoints free. One video is for 15 checkpoints free.
Please contact us with sales@jwm-rfid.com
Thank you

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Company Training and Tour

From 17th to 19th of July, All people of JWM included the staff of Beijing Branch and Shenzhen Branch went to White Sand Shore for three days’ trip. The first day, We did the training match. We are divided into two teams– Red Team and Blue Team. We did many games, such as Team Run and volleyball games. Blue Team won at last. The other two days, we were just for fun and enjoy the delicious seafood. We gained a lot through the three days. And we hope our customers could play with us next year. If you like it, join us. Thank you.

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Factory Relocation

Dear Customer:
With 12 years growth and development, for a better working environment, JWM Company moved to a new address. Thanks for your attention and the long term support, we will continue to provide the best quality products and best service for you.
New Address: 3F, Block D07, SISP (Shenyang International Software Park), Dongling District, Shenyang city, China. postcode: 110167
New Tel: 0086 24 83782790 / 83782791 / 83782792/83782793
New Fax: 0086 24 83782780
August 09, 2013

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Sole Agent for WM-5000V7 in UK

In March 2013 JWM signed the sole agent agreement for WM-5000V7 with KESTRONICSLIMITED(www.kestronics.co.uk),which is a large company with a very long experience in Electronic Guard Tour Systems.WM-5000V7 is one of the bestsellers in the overseas market, with good quality, fashion appearance, and simple operation. This is win-win cooperation and this cooperation will do help us to enlarge the overseas market share for JWM guard tour systems in UK.

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