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With JWM guard tour system, make sure your security guards can work seriously, to avoid laziness.Help you improve management efficiency and make responsibilities clearer.
Improve management efficiency

Improve management efficiency

Put the area to be patrolled into the management software, you can clearly know the patrol results of the security guards, and use this as the evidence for the performance assessment of the security guards.
Tracking your security guard

Tracking your security guard

Because of the existence of the guard tour system, managers can monitor the work process of the security guards, enhance the security guards’ sense of responsibility, and avoid cheating and laziness.

Audit trail report

Say goodbye to traditional paper reports, which are easy to fake and not easy to save. Using the guard tour system, the uploaded patrol report can truly reflect the work results of the security guards.
Strong and durable

Strong and durable

The outside of the device uses a silicone protective cover, and the outer shell is made of high-strength alloy. After multiple anti-drop tests, it can still work normally even if it is maliciously destroyed.

How it Works

Start Patrol
Carry Your Tour
Upload Patrol Data
Check Patrol Report

Water resistance IP67

After the waterproof and dustproof rating test, its protection grade can reach IP67, which means that the equipment can still work normally in any bad weather.

Energy saving and environmental friendly

The device uses an 880mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can work continuously for 30 days once charge, which is equivalent to 15,000 continuous reads, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
Energy saving

Convenient to schedule tasks

Place the area to be managed in the management software, which makes it easier and faster to assign tasks and manage more efficiently. Through the management software, the manager can set up a patrol plan for the security guards, which includes patrol routes, time (the time required for a round for patrolling), guards shifts, etc. The patrol plan is used to standardize the patrol tasks of security guards, clarify responsibilities, and improve the sense of responsibility.

Tracking Your Security Guards

After the security guards complete the patrol task, the software will compare and analyze the patrol data in the preset plan to form a patrol report. Through the audit trail data, you can know whether your security guard completed the task within the specified time and whether there is any missing key point, which will be the evidence for the security guard’s performance assessment. It replaces traditional paper records and greatly improves management efficiency.

JMW Guard tour System is used and trusted by

Lauren Harrison Manager, Security and Investigations

We have gradually upgraded from the ordinary stand-alone software to cloud guard tour system, making the work more efficient and the management more reasonable.

Nick Bryan Director Of Operations

It makes the patrol management more clear and detailed.

Eugene John Chief Operating Officer

JWM hotel guard tour system for Hilton hotels to provide a strong security service support.

Donald Hewlett Security and Investigations

JWM guard patrol system provides strong security service support for Marriott and solves the security management problem.

Enhance customer value

After 21 years of industry exploration, we have provided security solutions for 119 countries around the world, and provided security for 300,000 global users. Improving customer value is our unremitting pursuit and motivation.

Customizable service

As a manufacturer of guard tour system, we provide customized services to help customers achieve their sales goals. You can put forward your needs, whether from product design or software function realization, we will provide you with the best solution.

Technical Support

Technical Support

For customers who have purchased our products, we always provide 365/7/24 technical support services, and provide video, call, email, online chat and other channels to help customers use the products better and improve work and production efficiency.

Immediately start optimizing your security solutions and improve the management efficiency of your security team.

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