Beijing Youth Political College Guard Tour System

Location: Beijing Youth Political College

Project Necessity

Using the JWM high-tech patrol system is an important measure to strengthen the safety and stability of the school, and it is also an effective way to strengthen the self-management of the staff. The Security Department of the school manages and supervises the security through the use of patrol device, as well as the ideological and business training of the security guards so that it can really become a good helper to create a safe and harmonious campus.


The campus of Beijing Youth Political College has a reasonable planning layout, a beautiful campus environment and complete classrooms with various functions, which fully embody the characteristics of modernization, human culture, intelligence, and digitalization. The Security Department of the school is responsible for the daily safety protection and fire inspection on the campus. The JWM patrol management system is mainly used for the safety patrol on the campus. The security center installs checkpoints in the main entrance, monitoring dead corner, fire fighting channel and other places with potential safety hazards. Security guards arrived at the patrol point on time to patrol, prevent safety accidents, ensure personal and property safety, ensure the safety and health of students during the school period, and further strengthen the safety, stability and civilization construction of the college campus.

Project Introduction

Beijing Youth Political College is an ordinary higher education institution affiliated to Beijing Municipality and a Demonstrative Higher Vocational College at the municipal level in Beijing. In the new era and new stage, the college will focus on the construction of “national political center, cultural center” and “world-class harmonious and livable city” in the capital, closely combine the demand of social public utilities and cultural and creative industries for talent training, and strive to build into a distinctive and high level. The first-class vocational colleges in China.

Solve Problems

1. Formulate patrol personnel and patrol plan, assess the work of security guards and avoid off the post.
2. The security guards can patrol in the School Park, dormitory and all monitoring dead corners through induction RFID patrol equipment, so as to reduce the safety accidents caused by potential safety hazards.
3. To ensure the patrol quality, we can understand and find problems in time, resolve and deal with various conflicts as early as possible, and avoid the expansion and intensification of the situation.
4. Through the analysis and processing of patrol information by backstage software, we can provide useful information for security work, formulate corresponding strategies, and prevent trouble before it happens.

Product Introduction