Guard Tour System - Beijing Sunshine Wentley Hotel

Location: Guangdong Jiangmen Jindi Property Management Co., LTD

Project Necessity

Guests are satisfied with their own safety and service needs, and the hotel will have a better impression in the eyes of the guests, and correspondingly improve the service quality of the hotel.

Project Introduction

Beijing sunshine wentley hotel located in the eastern central business district (CBD) of the city, is a tourism bureau designated foreign-related business hotel, with the golden key. Follow the people-oriented, good faith service, special management, management innovation, quality service for guests, hotel adjacent to the international trade center, modern city and the subway station, the transportation is convenient. And equipped with a variety of features from 20 to 150 people in the meeting room, business meetings, negotiation, and business training is the ideal place.

Solve Problems

  1. Inspect according to plan to prevent theft, fire and safety incidents, and check whether the equipment is in good condition.
  2. Deal with general safety and fire control cases. In case of emergency, contact the lobby manager of the hotel in time, and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with it
  3. Make patrol records available, prevent hotel staff from missing patrol, improve safety awareness and realize scientific and modern management.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S