Beijing SKP Applies “Guard Patrol System” Safety Management Measures

Shopping malls are places where people go shopping frantically. The flow of people is very large. You must pay attention to safety, but you need to be aware of safety precautions. Beijing SKP Department Store has adopted corresponding safety measures for the safety of shopping malls and introduced gold in the patrol of shopping malls. Wanma electronic patrol system is the main management method to ensure the safety of customers and shopping malls.


Urgent Problem

Security guards do not patrol in place, often miss, make mistakes, or even fail to patrol.
The security guards are on duty irregularly, and there are problems during the security duty, and the responsible person cannot be found.

Security guards work passively and maliciously break the patrol machine in order not to patrol.


When security patrols, you must use the patrol machine to sense each patrol point, and upload the data to the system after the end.
Each security guard has a personnel card with his or her identity, and the patrol machine needs to read the personnel card before patrolling.

The body of the WM-5000 V4s patrol machine adopts metal shell, silicone jacket, and inner liner.


The electronic patrol system can automatically organize the data uploaded by security personnel into patrol reports.
The administrator can view someone’s patrol record individually during the process of viewing the patrol report.

The protection level reaches IP67, waterproof and dustproof, anti-fall and high temperature resistance, military-grade design effectively guarantees the durability of the patrol machine.

Project Background

Beijing SKP (Beijing Hualian (SKP) Department Store Co., Ltd.) is a joint venture department store invested and constructed by Beijing Hualian Group. On April 19, 2007, Beijing SKP grandly opened, positioning high-end luxury and fashionable fashion. It is one of the most iconic fashion luxury department stores in the world and the ultimate fashion lifestyle and shopping destination in Beijing. HERMÈS, CHANEL, LOUIS VUITTON, DIOR, GUCCI, PRADA and other international brand flagship stores, boutiques and concept stores.


First of all, it is necessary to install patrol points at various locations that need to be patrolled according to the inspection system of the shopping mall. At the same time, the patrol machine and each point must be mutually read, and the position name of each point must be noted in the electronic patrol system, and the security personnel’s Information and patrol time are entered into the electronic patrol system to make a patrol plan.
When patrolling, security personnel only need to hold the patrol machine to read the card at each patrol point, deal with problems in time, and upload the data stored in the patrol machine to the electronic patrol system after the patrol is over. The system will automatically draw a patrol table for managers to view. The patrol form records the time when the security personnel arrive at each point, and the occurrence of missing patrols will be specially marked, and the patrol results are clear and accurate.

Product Model: WM-5000V4S

WM-5000V4S uses high-bright flashlight lighting, making night patrols more convenient. The four-color LED and vibration dually prompt the various working status of the patrol machine. Silicone jacket, metal shell, sealed design of silicone liner, protection grade IP67.

Solve Problem

Solved the situation that security personnel did not patrol in place, often missed patrols, patrolled wrongly, or even failed to patrol.
Resolved the situation that the security guards are on duty irregularly, and the responsible person cannot be found due to problems during the security duty.

Solved the situation where the security personnel was passive in their work and maliciously broke the patrol machine.