Guard Tour System - Beijing Shengrui Property

Location: Beijing Shengrui Property

Project Necessity

1. With the improvement of people’s safety awareness, enterprises and individuals have increased the demand for safety inspection. In order to serve customers better, Beijing Shengrui Property introduced JWM Patrol management system, under the management of the company. Each branch and building requires patrol locations and various fire protection facilities for safe patrols.
2. By setting the patrol point for the specified location and setting the time and number of patrols required, the patrol personnel are required to check the location to the specified location on time.
3. Using rfid guard tour patrol system to improve the quality of security patrols, to prevent lazy and disciplinary violations, improve property environmental management and order, protect all types of equipment, facilities and property security, and achieve scientific management.

Project Introduction

With the improvement of the owner’s demand for patrol quality, Donghu Property introduced the JWM Patrol Management System to carry out a leafless patrol of the locations and various types of equipment that need to be patrolled in each property park under the management of the company. By setting the patrol point for the designated location and setting the time and number of patrols required, the security guard is required to reach the designated position on time. Improving the quality of security patrols, eliminating laziness and violations of discipline, maintaining environmental order in the park, protecting the safety of various equipment, facilities and property, and giving owners a safe and comfortable living space.

Solve Problems

1. Solve the problem of missing patrols, increase the frequency of patrols, and ensure that patrol personnel conduct on-site safety patrol management as required;
2. Increase the frequency of patrols in key areas, better complete safety and hidden danger investigations, timely report and initiate emergency plans in case of emergencies, and properly dispose of accidents and disasters;
3. Regularly inspect the fire protection facilities of the patrol site in strict accordance with the fire protection system, and timely replace the damaged fire protection facilities to ensure that the fire protection facilities are in a usable state;
4. To realize the review of the patrol personnel and patrol routes of the branch companies by the head office, and to form a report document, so that the patrol work can be checked and the purpose of centralized management is achieved.

Product Introduction