Beijing Ruicheng Hotel Co., Ltd. Hotel Patrol System

The hotel is an open public place with many insecure factors and various safety issues are more prominent. In order to create a safe and comfortable rest environment, Beijing Ruicheng Hotel Co., Ltd. introduced the JWM Hotel Patrol System. The management department uses management software and combines its own characteristics to formulate a set of hotel patrol plans that meet its own needs.

Urgent Problem

  • The traditional handwritten sign-in method is easy to fake and is not conducive to personnel management; 
  • Ordinary patrol has a single function, and you need to bring flashlights and other equipment when patrolling security, making patrols more troublesome; 
  • The hotel is densely populated, and security guards are not in place to inspect the safety of the hotel, which is prone to hidden dangers;


  • Security guards holding the patrol machine, patrol according to the patrol plan; 
  • The Hammer 4 Patrol Rod integrates functions such as a bright flashlight, four-color LED and dual vibration reminders; 
  • Managers install patrol points at all locations that need to be inspected and make patrol plans;


  • Security personnel arrive at the patrol point on time for inspection, and the system displays patrol data; 
  • The security guards only need to carry the Hammer 4 patrol rod, which is convenient to carry and patrol more convenient; 
  • Security personnel patrol as planned to avoid negligence such as missing patrols;

Project Background

The hotel is located in the west of Beijing, between the West Third Ring Road and West Fourth Ring Road, by the Jingou River. In front of the hotel, Xicui Road is wide and unobstructed, with Fuxingmen in the south and Fucheng Road in the north. Looking at the traffic, Fucheng Road, Fuxing Road, North-South First Line; Third Ring Road, Fourth Ring Road, there are sources on both sides; traffic is very convenient.


First of all, it is necessary to install patrol points at various locations that need to be patrolled according to the inspection system of the shopping mall. At the same time, the patrol machine and each point must be mutually read, and the position name of each point must be noted in the electronic patrol system, and the security personnel’s Information and patrol time are entered into the electronic patrol system to make a patrol plan. When patrolling, security personnel only need to hold the patrol machine to read the card at each patrol point, deal with problems in time, and upload the data stored in the patrol machine to the electronic patrol system through the data line after the patrol. The system will automatically draw a patrol table for managers to view. The patrol form records the time when the security personnel arrive at each point, and the occurrence of missing patrols will be specially marked, and the patrol results are clear at a glance, accurate and clear.

Product Model: WM-5000V4S

WM-5000V4S uses bright flashlight lighting, making night patrols more convenient. The four-color LED and vibration dually prompt the various working status of the patrol machine. Silicone jacket, metal shell, sealed design of silicone liner, protection grade IP67.

Solve Problem

  • 1. Solve the situation that security personnel missed the patrol during the patrol, and even the data was falsified after the patrol, and the management personnel could not know the situation; 
  • 2. The management of scientific words makes the patrol of security personnel more efficient; 
  • 3. The information displayed by the patrol table drawn by the electronic patrol system is clear and accurate, and the management personnel can understand the patrol situation at a glance;