Beijing Oriental Plaza Guard Tour System

Location: Beijing Oriental Plaza

Project Necessity

A shopping mall is a place where people gather, frequent and complex personnel, so often damage public facilities and other adverse phenomena occur. In addition, a large number of goods, goods piled up, is also a high-risk area of fire, many goods warehouse is located in the basement, all kinds of pipe leakage, wire aging problem is not easy to detect, there are hidden dangers such as the occurrence of goods soaking, fire, once the problem is difficult to find in a timely manner. Every year, the loss of property and life caused by a fire in all kinds of shopping malls and malls in China is huge.


Security is the main force to protect the safety of guests, facilities, and property. In addition to maintaining the normal operation of the plaza and the safety of the environment, security also plays an important role in the hidden trouble investigation of the construction. In the early stage, Beijing Oriental Plaza adopted the traditional paper check-in and other manufacturers’ stand-alone software patrol, but none of them worked, and hidden dangers repeatedly threatened the safety of operation. After repeated experiments finally introduced JWM guard tour management system, combined with the existing regulations and system, improve the quality of security work, reduce the “tour, wrong tour, forget tour” leakage phenomenon, at the same time, can be effective to centralized management of security guard patrol, arouse the enthusiasm of security guards, create and safe investment environment.

Project Introduction

Oriental square is located in the center of Beijing, located in the best position of no. 1 east chang ‘a street. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 800,000 square meters. It offers a variety of facilities and services, including 8-grade office buildings, themed shopping areas, evergreen flower beds, the largest colorful music fountain in the city center and indoor parking lots with more than 1,800 parking spaces.

Solve Problems

1. Conduct background management through software, set up patrol responsibility area and place patrol points within the area, set up patrol plan strictly according to the patrol system, patrol once for 2 hours on the day shift, patrol once for 2 hours on the night shift, and patrol once for 1 hour intermittently.
2. The observation of the environment can be strengthened through patrol to maintain public order in the patrol responsibility area.
3. Inspect the construction under construction to eliminate potential dangers in the bud and nip them in the bud.
4. Replace the traditional paper check-in and solve the phenomenon of security guards’ laziness through scientific electronic management.
5. The protection of human and property can be strengthened through patrol, and suspicious situations and personnel can be timely handled.

Product Introduction

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