Beijing Hongluo Temple Guard Tour System

Location: Beijing Hongluo Temple

Project Necessity

Beijing Hongluo Temple is located in Beijing Huai Rou yanqi lake town Hongluo mountain, sitting in the south, built against the mountain, the layout is rigorous, magnificent. The monastery covers an area of 100 mu, divided into five courtyards, east cross courtyard, west cross courtyard, east cross ridge, west tower courtyard, etc., 244 rooms. Every year in the peak tourist season, Hongluo temple scenic area will welcome a large number of tourists, in order to provide tourists with a safe and peaceful environment to visit, the scenic area to take a number of measures to ensure that no loss.


Hongluo temple scenic area introduced JWM patrol management system to carry out daily patrol and management, the close patrol of key areas in the jing area, adhere to the key patrol every day, to ensure the safety of personnel and property. The management personnel shall carry out 24-hour monitoring of the parking lot, gate area and other areas with the dense flow of security guards, and conduct real-time monitoring and effective management of the security guards through the patrol setting combined with the patrol point and GPS positioning. According to the plan, the patrol can enable the safety officer to disperse the tourists in time in the key areas, so as to avoid the congestion and crowding, and to ensure the scenic spot is orderly, safe and effective, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also provides a scientific management basis for the managers.

Project Introduction

Beijing Hongluo temple is located in Beijing Huai Rou yanqi lake town Hongluo mountain, is a national 4A tourist scenic spot, covers an area of 800 hectares, is a rare piece of pure land, it is the largest Buddhist garden in the north, gathered monks, a long history, has a history of more than one thousand years. During the reign of Emperor Guangxu, a monk from yinguang came here to practice the pure land dharma. Later, the monk went to Putuo to build the pure land ashram, so it is known that there is Putuo in the south and red conch in the north.

Solve Problems

1. The patrol setting which combines GPS track playback and patrol points is not only suitable for the actual natural environment of Hongluo temple scenic spot but also better control the patrol route and time.
2. Information is transmitted back and forth and combined with the electronic map to realize the timely deployment of manpower in an emergency.
3. Promote the timely arrival of security guards through a strict management plan and performance correlation.
4. Stationing troops in scenic spots can effectively deter and stop uncivilized behaviors of tourists and achieve the effect of preventing problems.
5. Customized scenic spot patrol management system in line with the management of Hongluo temple, comprehensively solving the problem of safety management.

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System