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Project Necessity

In order to strengthen the fire fighting management work, through the use of JWM Guard Tour System, to effective regulation, patrol to check for fire suspects as the main target, prevention as the core, Increase the fire control of the management area, eliminate the potential safety hazards, prevent accidents.


The property center shall install checkpoints in key areas and important equipment. In the patrol process, security guards according to the patrol plan, patrol machine automatically record patrol information, patrol data uploaded to the computer after the end of the patrol, by the background system software automatically processing, analysis, statistics, making statements. JWM Guard Tour system greatly improved the work efficiency, at the same time to the property management center to provide a scientific, accurate patrol information and query basis.

Project Introduction

In 2005, the company became a member of Beijing fire protection association and became the “only” fire management enterprise with fire control and electrical testing. Beijing gangjie property management co., ltd. adhering to the humanization, scientific, standardized, international, standard implementation management, constantly unremitting to the safety service as an enterprise label, the goal of the “safety first, service first” phased results.

Solve Problems

  1. The use of patrol aircraft not only improves the work efficiency, solve the patrol personnel not in place, not timely phenomenon, at the same time to provide managers with scientific and accurate patrol information.
  2. The system adopts induction card technology, no contact, good protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed.
  3. Property management personnel conduct guard tour system on patrol time control through patrol software, reasonably allocate patrol forces, make clear the key time, location, route and time of patrol. Patrol in place to detect and eliminate fire hazards.
  4. The property management center reduces the time waste caused by manual data sorting by unified management of data, eliminates data fraud, and provides a scientific and accurate basis for patrol information and inquiry.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4s