Become A Reseller of JWM

Sales Policy

By becoming a JWM reseller, you will have better prices than common clients to ensure your profits.
For resellers, we provide drop shipping service, so you don’t need to worry about inventory backlog and logistics costs, JWM helps you make greater profits.
For sales leads reported by resellers, JWM will protect it to ensure that there will be no malicious competition between the intracompany and resellers in other regions, and to ensure the sales rights of resellers.
Once you become a JWM reseller, you will be able to use the “JWM” brand, but only with the JWM guard tour system. We will provide you with a series of product information packs, which can be used as promotional materials for future promotions. The form is not limited to pictures, videos, documents, etc.
Resellers are eligible to be assigned to the sales leads in the region under the company’s official channels, and the resellers need to get in touch with the sales leads as soon as possible to achieve sales goals.

After Sales Support

After confirming the dealership relationship, our sales manager will open a dealership account for you, and conduct a remote simulation demonstration to help you quickly master the system process.
We will have a professional after-sales team to provide you with technical support at any time. The service form is not limited to online communication, video guidance, and telephone communication. We will provide you with a complete information package that can be used as promotional materials in the future, as well as after-sales support documents.
We will have professional engineers to provide you with comprehensive training services for free to ensure that you can independently provide a series of service support for your customers.
As an innovative company with an independent technical team, we often look for key points to optimize software functions from client feedback. Whenever there is an update of products, functions, or other info, we will notify you by email.

Reseller Application Form

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