The bank is a financial institution that has the business of deposits, loans, wire transfers, and savings. Nowadays, bank not only has business hall but also ATM all over the world. So bank patrol becomes more and more important.

With the help of JWM security patrol system, it can provide banks with comprehensive patrol and management services, improve the bank’s security, work efficiency, and management level, and play a positive role in promoting the stable operation and development of banks.

Physical monitoring

In order to ensure the daily safe operation of the bank, the bank should determine the areas that need to be inspected and the frequency of the patrol according to its own situation, for example, the lobby, safe, ATM, and other areas should be inspected daily, weekly or monthly.
The JWM guard patrol system can divide the responsibilities of security personnel into different areas, and can allocate different numbers of security personnel and patrol frequencies for areas with high traffic flow and restricted areas, so as to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
JWM Guard Patrol System provides administrators with real-time patrol records of security personnel. When the security guard arrives at the preset checkpoint, the real-time data will be uploaded immediately.

Respond to emergencies quickly

Security guards should take corresponding measures to deal with emergencies according to the situation, and record the handling situation in the patrol system, including the handling time, measures and results, etc., for follow-up inquiry and analysis.
Banks should configure patrol management software, through which functions such as formulation of patrol plans, collection of patrol records, and handling and management of abnormal situations can be realized. With the help of the JWM guard tour system, when the guard encounters an emergency, he only needs to press the device button to immediately send an SOS alert to the bank’s security center, get a timely response, and deal with the emergency.

Regular patrol and maintenance

Banks should regularly inspect and maintain patrol equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment and replace damaged equipment in a timely manner. Patrol system can help bank managers to inspect the environment, such as water, electricity, gas and other equipment, to ensure the normal operation of bank facilities and equipment. When the security staff finds that the equipment is damaged, the doors and windows are not locked, etc., they will upload the incident report to the bank security management center. It can ensure that incidents are discovered as early as possible and resolved in a timely manner, bringing customers a good service experience.

Improve management efficiency

Guard patrol system can help bank managers manage employees effectively and monitor their work progress. The patrol system can collect and analyze the patrol data, conduct in-depth analysis and feedback on the bank’s management situation, optimize the patrol plan and management process, and improve management efficiency.

Benefit of JWM Guard Patrol System

  • Preset patrol plan
  • Real-time tracking of employee task completion
  • Monitor patrol route
  • Notification of abnormal events
  • SOS guard accident push
  • Comprehensive patrol report
  • Cloud software management system

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JWM is committed to providing security patrol solutions for global users, and creating a safe world is the goal pursued by JWM. Today, more and more enterprises and users around the world enjoy the security protection brought by the JWM guard patrol system.
With the help of JWM guard patrol system, improve service quality and customer satisfaction, and provide banks with comprehensive security management and service support.