Bank of China Guard Patrol System

Location:Bank of China

Project Necessity

Without the access control system, anyone can freely enter and exit the self-service bank at any time, which brings hidden danger to the security work of automatic teller machines. Bank of China has introduced JWM guard tour system, which can improve the work efficiency of patrol by regulating the management of security personnel, and guarantee the safety of depositors and equipment by patrolling every branch without dead space and without interruption for 24 hours.

Project Introduction

You first need to according to the actual circumstance of community is most suited to patrol area of planning, then patrol according to the need to focus on the location of the installation checkpoints, will patrol with every point read each other at the same time, note the location of the various points in the cloud to patrol system name, and information security personnel, patrol time into the clouds guard patrol system. When patrolling, the patrol personnel only need to carry the guard patrol system reader to each checkpoint to read the card, timely deal with any problems, and upload the data of the guard tour patrol system reader to the computer terminal after the patrol. The cloud patrol system will automatically draw a patrol form for managers to view. The patrol table records the time when the security personnel arrive at each checkpoint. If there is a leak, the patrol result will be marked out at a glance, accurate and clear.

Solve Problems

1. The system adopts induction card technology, wireless communication, no contact, good protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed;
2. Security guard conduct systematic management on patrol time control through patrol software, reasonably allocate patrol force, specify patrol location, arrange route and time, and achieve continuous-time control (365 days and 24 hours monitoring);
3. Patrol in place to ensure timely patrol in self-service branches, timely find out whether the ATM is out of order, and ensure the safe operation of the ATM equipment; At the same time to reduce the incidence of crimes against cash machines, reduce personal and property losses;
4. One-button alarm function. When security guards finds an emergency during patrolling, they can press the one-button alarm function.
5. Analyze and process patrol information through background software, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve problems in the bud, and prevent problems before they occur.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5